Shopping for books

Amazon gave me 25% discount

This is not first time I get discount from Amazon, I got one or two vouchers worth 5 EURO or so before, but this time it total rocked, a total discount on 25% on ALL books I order. This is just because I live in Switzerland and am ordering from Amazon in Germany. Thanks a lot.

I had a few books marked as “wishes” so I went ahead and fine tuned that a bit but damn, it was hard not to go total crazy.

So let’s see what I ended up with…

Movie Review: Hancock

Review does not contain any ‘real’ spoilers but links might do.

Hancock (IMDb) (Trailers)

I remember clearly the day I came across the teaser for movie Hancock staring Will Smith. First of all, I consider Will Smith a great entertainer (singer, comedian and actor) and seeing him in the role of Hancock was just perfect.

I guess I saw the trailer around 5 times the first day and was laughing like a lunatic each time (“… Greenpeace does…”) so this was a movie that went right in on the top of movies to see.

Returning to the blog

Things sure went down the hill with the blog the last few month, sorry about that. What makes it worse is that I at the very start of the year wrote about my goals for this year (No Real New Year Resolution but goals for 2008) which included a few blogging goals, then later in February I wrote about starting up again with the blog (February 16th: Starting up again) and since that post I only wrote 6 new posts.…

Book review: His Dark Materials 2 and 3 (The Subtle Knife) (The Amber Spyglass)

This is not a review nor does it contain any spoilers. Actually, I will not even call it a review as I do not go into details of the books or the story.

I wrote a while back about my experience with reading and then watching “The Golden Compass” (See my post about this) as mentioned there I was going to order the books and read them before the movies are out (Just don’t have time to wait). It turned out to be a bit of a challenge at the start…

Time for big changes in job and life – Part 2

Yesterday I wrote about me loosing my job and the search for a new job, I was getting close to panic but at the end I ended up with a very interesting job. So today the story continues, this time about the new job and what changes this will bring upon us here. (Us = myself, the kids and my ex-wife).

Time for big changes in job and life – Part 1

At the very end of last year I wrote about goals for this year and regarding work I mentioned following:

  • What direction to go?
  • Look for new possibilities

These two subjects became serious issues recently for me which will result in some big changes for me (After been through a few changes recently). On the 1st of April (No April jokes, please) I will be starting a new job at a Technical University here in Switzerland. This will be the biggest job change for me during my 10 years here in Switzerland. This change is not only related to work but will go beyond it and result in changes for us all here (the kids, my ex-wife and myself).

Let me tell the story… This will be done in two parts, with the first one today and second tomorrow.

Time for some Professional Pooper Scooping

The world sure gets more and more interesting as time passes by; or should we say that people get more and more sad!!

Sure this is my own opinion but when people start to do competitions in poop scoping then I feel something is wrong. When it even gets to the point where we have professional pooper scoopers then I don’t really know what to think any more.

Just check this video clip:

Movie Review: Cloverfield

Review does not contain any 'real' spoilers but links might do. Cloverfield (IMDb) (Trailers) It is now a week ago I saw Cloverfield for the first time and I might see it again in another week. There have been written a lot about this movie and how it was filmed and it is one of those movies that either you love it or you hate it. To illustrate this I will give a summary of the cinema experience: I went…

Facts: It is not possible to taser yourself for ONE second

Disclaimer: I do not have a taser, I will not buy one and I will surely never ever try it out on myself. I got a feeling that this story from jDounts is a true one, funny one but a bit sad. Short story: A guy buys a taser for his wife and while reading the instructions gets to the conclusion that a 1 second burst will hurt, but he finds out that it is not possible to taser yourself…

February 16th: Starting up again

More than a month now without any postings, is that bad or really bad? I think it is pretty bad and not what I have had in mind (or On My Mind). Oh, and no, it is not a side effect of the blood donation I wrote about last time :-) Due to changes in my work I have put aside all time for that (more info about that might follow) but enough is enough, there must be time for…