Not dead… (Quick update)

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Not dead… (Quick update)

So it happened again, I abandoned the blog :( But good news is that I’m alive. I thought it was time for a short update, so here goes.

Not sure when or why it happened that I (again) let go of the blog but it was around the time I realised that I will no longer be able to take part in Spartan Races, due to the knee issues that I blogged about earlier. Doctors advise was to skip that type of races due to the risk been too high that I would damage the knee again.

Low carb & weight & fitness

I did continue with low carb and training for awhile but also failed there and gained weight again, peaked at 89 kg, tried several times to get back on low carb but I keep failing. Often my breakfast and lunch are low carb but then dinner+snacks ruins it.

I also stopped doing fitness for awhile but have recently started again. I can feel that I’m weaker than earlier but I do enjoy the short workouts I’m doing and do feel better with myself now.

Hiking & camping

One thing I started on in 2016 was hiking & camping. I have now seen lots of places of Switzerland I never knew about, stayed a several campsites and got to admit, I love that. Walk/hike for hours in scenery that could be from a postcard, then in the evening settle down at the campsite and cook some simple food (and have some red wine). This year I have not done much hiking compared to the years before but still planning to do so.

Iceland 2018

I had some plans about hiking in Sweden but for various reasons I ended up putting that on hold for now. Instead of hiking in Sweden this year I went on  a 2 week roadtrip in Iceland (this does deserve it’s own blog post), 1 week with my sister and then one week on my own. What an amazing country, lovely scenery that keeps changing all the time. I enjoyed it so much that I will be going again, this time I invited my mother.

One among many photos from Iceland, at a Black Beach with my sister
One among many photos from Iceland, at a Black Beach with my sister

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