Movie Review: Hancock

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Movie Review: Hancock

Review does not contain any ‘real’ spoilers but links might do.

Hancock (IMDb) (Trailers)

I remember clearly the day I came across the teaser for movie Hancock staring Will Smith. First of all, I consider Will Smith a great entertainer (singer, comedian and actor) and seeing him in the role of Hancock was just perfect.

I guess I saw the trailer around 5 times the first day and was laughing like a lunatic each time (“… Greenpeace does…”) so this was a movie that went right in on the top of movies to see.

So finally it came to the cinema but I didn’t make it while it was “new” so missed it in the large cinema halls. Some of my friends went and saw it and didn’t specially like it which surprised me a lot.

I finally saw it yesterday with a friend and we both loved it.

Sure it is not a movie that will keep you awake after you saw it, no lost of sleep trying to figure out the meaning behind it. Just pure action, comedy, effects and superhero put together in a very nice way, all the ingredients that I want in an action movie.

I did have a few ideas about what to expect from watching the trailers again and again but still I was rather surprised by the change it does after halfway (Hell, was very close to the halfway break they have here in Switzerland).

They did a great job making the trailers as they where rather creative; they changed the order of a few scenes and the voice over was taken from other scenes so at the end the happening in the movie does not follow what people might expect. Then again, maybe it was just me who got it wrong from the trailers.

Will Smith did a very good job as behaving as the jackass he is in the start of the movie (See trailer), suits him very well… Not that I mean or think he is one but he plays the role very well. The rest of the actors also handled their parts with out problems.

Special effects where tops in the movie. This together with the none-stop action, humor resulted in a movie with not a single boring moment. The music also played an important role in setting the mood but here I’m a bit unhappy, I just checked iTunes for the sound track and yes they got it but it is all classical, not that I got an issue with classical but the movie had a lot of other types music, just check the trailer. So I will not be buying the sound track.

So all I can say to the people who didn’t see it: Go and watch it
and to the people who did see it and didn’t like it: Why? What’s wrong with you? :-)

Definitely a movie I will be getting on Blu-Ray.

“Good Job”

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Hancock

  1. i expected a lot from the movie and especially from will smith……and tht after too because of his last two outstanding movies……

    but this movie was a big disappointment to me

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