More than a month now without any postings, is that bad or really bad? I think it is pretty bad and not what I have had in mind (or On My Mind). Oh, and no, it is not a side effect of the blood donation I wrote about last time :-)

Due to changes in my work I have put aside all time for that (more info about that might follow) but enough is enough, there must be time for blogging also.

So I will be starting up slowly again and I have following planned for the next few days:

  • Movie: Cloverfield
  • Books: His Darkest Materials
  • Games: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Paper Mario
  • Games: PC game, will first be mentioned when released
  • Consoles: PS3 (yes, I have one now)
  • Gadgets: iPod touch (yes, I also got one of them)
  • Blogging: EntreCard (and what I think about it)
  • Blogging: One special ‘photo blog’
  • Blogging: I will from time to time mention some of the other blogs that I enjoy reading

The order above might not be the order that I will be blogging about the different subjects.

So what can I say except: I’m back

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  1. Cecilia Nova

    Well thats also about f**king time!
    Welcome back

  2. Beth

    I’ve wondered where you have been. How do you like your iPod Touch? I looooovvve mine. One piece of advice- to save battery life, go into settings >general > auto-lock and set it for 1-2 minutes. I swear I had mine turned off for a few days completely, the battery went dead. Charged it up, I’ve now had it on 3 days with auto-lock on 1 minute and it’s still fully charged.

  3. Bolkie

    Cloverfield, I hope it live up to its expectations. I’ll be back to read your review :)

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