Surprise mail

Last week I got snail mail from Buffalo, NY, USA and I was really like "WTF... who is that from!" First I thought it was some promotion from a game developer conference or maybe promotion from a online poker site. To my big surprise it was actually from Google! Included was a check of 102.31 CHF (Just about $100), earnings from Google Adsense. I was surprised because I didn't request a payment nor did I think I had so much…

Kick start of Blog Summer 2009

Oh dear, things have just been going slower and slower with the blog. Not that I don’t have tons of things on my mind but I just never get around to blog about it. Often I think “Oh, I have to blog about this…” (Examples: Lord of the Ring concert in Denmark, when Michael Jackson died, movies I seen, games I played, software I use and the list goes on) I might even get started on writing but that’s all that happens.

Let me do a quick follow up on the last post and then write a bit about what is going to happen now…

2009 here goes

As promised earlier this year I would write a bit about my plans/goals/aims for 2009, and as always I’m late (sorry) with the blog entry. This was probably the longest delay ever seen on this blog. But here goes:

I have decided (Did earlier this year) not to set any specific goals for 2009, nothing specific I want to achieve this year but rather things I want to improve. So nothing about X number of blog entries, X number of poker games and so forth.

Goodbye to 2008

Goodbye to 2008 and Happy New Year to everybody out there.

Oh dear, yet another year passed. At the start of 2008 I made a post here on the blog about my goals for 2008 (click here to read it), still makes me smile that I called it 2007 and the link does say 2007, but it was for 2008, really.

Do I plan to set new goals for 2009? Of course but before I write about those it might be an idea to review the goals for 2008, so here goes.

Welcome to October 2008

At the start of August I wrote about goals and small rules to be used in life. I wanted to do an update each month but for some reason I never got around to do the September one (Actually, not much happened in September with the blog and postings).

Anyway, let me recap how it went with the rules and goals set early August and also have a look at October and the month to come.

Level 52 gloves

Some of you (those who know me for real) will know that I play Lord of The Rings Online a good bit; sure not as much as other addicts are doing.

Anyway, in the game I’m able to craft things and I have selected tailoring as my main profession. So I can make lots of fancy cloth, armour and so forth. Due to me been tailor I’m not able to create metal armour so just leather armour. This suits me fine as thats the only kind of armour I can use in the game.

My sister is also playing the game and I often help her with armour but she (One of her characters only) can actually use metal armour. So there I’m no help.

So my sister has to shop for the items and guess what, she just bought THE pair of gloves. Do check the picture.

Real Life Poker

When looking back at the “No Real New Year Resolution but goals for 2008” post then under the poker section I had a few goals. Let’s have a quick look at them:

Play more
Fail. Sure I had days/weeks where I played a good number of games but I also had weeks/month almost without any game.

Qualify for tournaments
Fail. I didn’t really try nor do I have the bankroll to play the satellites.

Become SilverStar on PokerStars.
Total fail also. To become SilverStar I would have to play a lot more than I did and at higher amounts than I feel comfortable with.

So this leaves us with just ONE goal left in the poker section

Play some live poker
I have not completed this goal yet but that should be an easy one. I didn’t play any live poker until a week ago but this is all changing now.

80days web page went live

The web page for the project I'm working on went live yesterday. It is still been tweaked and updated; there should be some issues with IE 6.0 but it sure works fine with FireFox 2. So in case you are interested in reading about the project I'm working on at ETHZ then do go over to "80days - around an inspiring virtual learning world in eighty days”

Welcome to August 2008

Yeah, I know we are a few days into the month but I still find it alright to say Welcome to August 2008.

So what is the idea with this? I will each month set some small rules/goals for myself; nothing major such as “I need to blog 30 times this month”. As we all know, I will just fail then.

I will then at the start of the next month do a quick review of how the previous month went. But why should I write about it? Should you care? Well, the main reason to write about it is to document it and also to put some pressure on myself. Who knows maybe someone will find it inspiring and do the same. So maybe you care or maybe you don’t but in any case you might borrow some ideas.

The rules/goals are not “Live and Die By the Rule”; they may be broken and there will be exceptions but they should be followed as much as possible.

So let’s get started…