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Shopping for books

Amazon gave me 25% discount This is not first time I get discount from Amazon, I got one or two vouchers worth 5 EURO or so before, but this time it total rocked, a total discount on 25% on ALL books I order. This is just because I live in Switzerland and am ordering from […]


I’m going to get SO rich now

I just can’t believe it; I’m going to get SO rich. Already doing my shopping list: Two Apple 30″ screens, iPod Ultra Nano Touch, PS3, 52″ HDTV screen, surround set, extra car.. Hell why not also a house with pool. I mean, with $30.000 pr month it should be possible. Of course this is not […]


Great books I read this year

I have just posted a Hub on HubPages where I wrote about some of the books I read this year. These are: The Wiz Biz and Wiz Biz II by Rick Cook Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds The Swarm by Frank Schätzing The Black Magician Trilogy by Trudi Canavan Age of the Five Trilogy by […]

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