Book review: His Dark Materials 2 and 3 (The Subtle Knife) (The Amber Spyglass)

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Book review: His Dark Materials 2 and 3 (The Subtle Knife) (The Amber Spyglass)

This is not a review nor does it contain any spoilers. Actually, I will not even call it a review as I do not go into details of the books or the story.

I wrote a while back about my experience with reading and then watching “The Golden Compass” (See my post about this) as mentioned there I was going to order the books and read them before the movies are out (Just don’t have time to wait). It turned out to be a bit of a challenge at the start…

As mentioned earlier; I wasn’t that happy about how the first book got turned into a movie. One big issue was how the ending of the movie which didn’t follow the book at all. This became an issue when I started reading the second book (The Subtle Knife) as I often was thinking about how bad the ending of the movie was fitting the start of the book.

This is of course not an issue if you just read all the books after each other without mixing in the movie; and probably also not an issue when you watch all the movies without knowing about the books. I don’t know how many times I thought about it, how the stories misalign and how they will get around it with the second movie.

After I got over this phase I was really able to enjoy the book; actually I got pretty caught up in it and continued to the third book right after the second. When starting the last book (The Amber Spyglass) I of course didn’t have any issue with how the second book ended and the third one started.

So in the end I ended up with long evenings (became night time) where I would be reading; same when I had lunch or dinner, always had one of the books with me. I could very well imagine that I will be reading them all 3 again at some stage, maybe some time after the last two movies.

Do not do the same mistake as when a good friend of mine recommended them to me, I didn’t read it until LONG after. His own comments to my first post about the book/movie:

Well I read the 3 books a long time ago and again you didn’t care listening to me when I told you those books where brilliant.

So I can highly recommend the books; even if you already saw the first movie. So I suggest that you head over to one of the Amazons and get the book right away. Enjoy (I’m sure you will).

Northern Light / The Golden Compass. Author: Philip Pullman.

The Subtle Knife. Author: Philip Pullman.

The Amber Spyglass. Author: Philip Pullman.

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  1. Personally, I can’t wait till the new movies come out. I read these books a long time ago!

    Tony Tovar
    Moolah Blog

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