Time for some Professional Pooper Scooping

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Time for some Professional Pooper Scooping

The world sure gets more and more interesting as time passes by; or should we say that people get more and more sad!!

Sure this is my own opinion but when people start to do competitions in poop scoping then I feel something is wrong. When it even gets to the point where we have professional pooper scoopers then I don’t really know what to think any more.

Just check this video clip:

(Did I really hear that correct, 5th annual contents)

I have to laugh when I think about how these people communicate, I do like to meet up with friends for a drink, a movie or some gaming but these people are probably more into:

“Hi guys. Got any plans for this Saturday”

“Yeah, I was considering doing some training”

“Oh, got any new techniques or tools you want to check out for pooper scooping?”

“Nah, I’m just going to train my hand pooper scooping skills”

“Cool. Hope you don’t mind me joining. I will bring my own poop….”

What will be the next thing? Will this make it into the Olympics? Will we have “Master Pooper Scooper”

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