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27.5 km walk

Today I did something crazy (for me), I decided to go for a long walk, longer than normally, from home to Basel and back again, ending up with 27.5 km in 5 hours. More than I ever walked in one go. It sure helped that we had a lovely weather today, with 8 to 14 […]

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Weight loss #3

This series of posts started with the Bet (The bet was that I could loose 5 kg within 2.5 month, and stay below that weight) and then the follow-up after I reached the goal. I can’t continue with Phase #2 #3 as the bet is over and done (Still need to get paid in Pizza […]

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Bet won, phase 1

Weight loss / the bet Early August I did a bet with a friend of mine (see previous post here) that involved me dropping 5 kg in weight. I had until end of October for this. Well, now we are around one month into the bet, so I thought I better give an update. Short […]

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The bet: 5 kg, 2.5 month or 250 EURO

I’m almost never doing bets, never bet on horses, sport (Just Danish “tip”) or other crazy events but that recently changed. Not that I will be betting on horses from now on but I did a bet with a good friend of mine. It’s pretty simple: The Bet: I have to loose 5 kg in […]

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Joined Sea Change

I was going through the latest newsletter I received from Zen Habits (I have to admit, I often forget to read them) and saw that Leo Babauta (guy behind Zen Habits) got another site/program called Sea Change; first I thought this was something rather new, but I was wrong, I got to read the newsletters […]

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