Low carb week #52

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Low carb week #52

Time for another week of low carb (last one can be viewed here Week #51), well, again a week late with posting it but Christmas came in the way (or so). So lets start out with something sweet. I have always loved chocolate, used to buy lots of M&M’s. Anyway, since I went on low carb I have more or less stopped with chocolate, to my big surprise this was easier than expected. But I still want some chocolate from time to time. Then I found out that the higher the cacao part of the chocolate was, the lower the carb. YES was my reaction :-) But what I didn’t count on was the calories often go up, like HIGH UP. Anyway, tried some 80% (yammy), then some 92% that I didn’t like that much, was just too dry. But then… I found 100%.

2014-12-23 16.13.14

So ordered 5 of them, together with 5 packages of 80% cacao chocolate. To my surprise 100 grams of this chocolate (one package only got 70 grams) has 638 calories, I mean, HALLO, that is more than a big fat tasty burger :-) but at the same time it only contains 9 grams of carb. Can’t win them all I guess. First time I tasted it I almost spat it out again with the thought: Why didn’t I learn from the 92% one.. Right away told my sister she could have some. Sorry, sister, I’m slowly changing my mind. Taking 1-2 pieces of it at a time is actually pretty good now. No way I could eat a whole package of this one, not like a Ritter Sport :-)

2014-12-23 17.23.12

Anyway, this week was not all about chocolate.

 23rd of December

2014-12-23 22.31.26
Simple lunch and becoming a typical meal for me. Chicken, spinach, broccoli.

24th of December

Christmas time (yeah, we celebrate on the 24th.. and 25th…). A day full of snacks, idea was to eat well before going for family dinner so I didn’t spoil myself with high carb food. Well, I failed.

2014-12-24 14.34.22

But before i failed I had this new protein bar that I came across recently. Still a bit high in carb with 25 grams for a single bar, but I just love coconut. I remember standing at the fridge and think if I should go for a bounty or this new bar. I went with the new bar, thinking: Oh, it is also coconut, so will be similar. Ah, failed again, total chewy and not sweet at all but still nice.

27th of December

Yeah, not more about Christmas, but I can say we had nice food all the days and we had plenty. But we didn’t overeat (as Danish people often do at Christmas) but it wasn’t food made with low carb in mind all the time.

So back on low carb diet and starting with omelet for breakfast.

2014-12-27 11.00.52
I started to wonder if there was a “breakfast” life before low carb. Beyond cereal.


2014-12-27 14.33.49
Lunch: Just some iceberg salad with cucumber, tomato, sweet pepper and some tuna. Only 270 calories and 24 grams of carb.

28th of December, baking time again

Last time I baked bread it was a nice change and was good bread but the slices were too small for sandwiches. So I gave it another try, with nice success.

2014-12-28 11.36.40


2014-12-28 19.06.45


2014-12-28 19.12.08
Dinner time, high in calories and low in carb :-)

Just have to be careful with the bread and it got lots of calories. Just these 3 slices got 374 calories, so with some cheese and a low carb yogurt my dinner ended on 800 calories and 16 grams of carb. That’s half of my goal of daily calorie intake. Other issue I had with the different bread I have tried is that the bread is always humid, never dries out and therefor isn’t eatable for many days. Quickly get covered with mold :-(

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