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December 14th, 2014 at 23:18

Low Carb week, Day 7

With this post 7 of my little series I reached ‘the end’ (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1post #2post #3, post #4, post #5, post #6) But I will probably do one or two days more, since the previous two days wasn’t that low carb. It sounds a bit as if I will stop on low carb but that’s not the case. I have been on low carb for a long time and I see the results and surely I will continue. I will also continue with low carb posts from time to time, but let’s get to today first. So this was my day 7 in my little series; Sunday the 14th of December 2014.

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December 14th, 2014 at 12:31

Low Carb week, Day 6

So day 6 of my little series, Saturday the 13th of December, 2014. (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1post #2post #3, post #4, post #5)

I was about to change the title of this post to High Carb instead of Low Carb but then realized that it wasn’t THAT bad (for a low carb’er it was bad). I just came across this The Recommended Amount & Percent of Carbohydrates Per Day

For example, if you eat a 2,000-calorie diet, shoot for 225 to 325 grams of carbs per day; and if you eat 2,500 calories a day, aim for 281 to 406 grams of carbs. Adults who drop their intake to 1,200 calories a day for weight loss need about 50 percent of their calories from carbs, or 150 grams per day.

Then my 211 carbs for Saturday almost seems low carb ;-)  So lets have a look.

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December 13th, 2014 at 1:37

Low Carb week, Day 5 (Half failed)

So day 5 of my little series, Friday the 12th of December, 2014. (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1post #2post #3, post #4)

I wanted to go lower in carb than the last few days, below 100 or even better below 75. The day started out pretty okay but then…

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December 12th, 2014 at 1:20

Low Carb week, Day 4

Day 4 in my little series of low carb eating. Thursday the 11th of December, 2014. (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1, post #2, post #3)


Today I took my time for an omelet, again with 2 eggs and ham, tomato, spinach (lots) and bacon.

2014-12-11 08.58.28

Lot’s of calories, 491 of them. That’s about 1/3 of my daily goal.

I do sometimes end up with omelet with so much spinach that I can’t fold them but then I just call them ‘open omelet’.


I cut some chicken this morning (and did not forget it at home this time), then just a bag of salad and that’s all. Nothing fancy but nice.

2014-12-11 11.50.06

Only 245 calories, nothing to complain about here


I tried something new today. I bought some fish and fried in on the pan, was actually pretty nice but could have used a few more minutes. I know nothing about fish really (beyond tuna and salmon) so was a bit of a dare, I bought what is called Pangasius, looks (according to Google) that it is also called that in English and Danish, so I have no idea about what kind of fish it was. Then I had some broccoli and spinach (frozen, cooked with milk) and then some cheese as topping on the spinach (was not the correct cheese, so a bit boring)

Without the cheese, but with the cheese it was around 430 calories

Without the cheese, but with the cheese it was around 430 calories


Oh no, just had a few pieces of Kägi Fret again today, all fine until my boss came by with a whole package and left them at my desk.. Guess I ended at 8, which ends up on 318 calories. That’s crazy, more than my lunch.

Didn’t get better in the evening, had a whole Ritter Spot

Yammy but another480 calories

Yammy but another480 calories

OMG, around 800 calories on just so few snacks. Really shows one of my previous issues, snacks and tons of calories. But did I feel bad about it, nope, not at all. There must be space for enjoyment; it was another case if it was a daily thing. For the once who have a few snacks each day I dare you to check how many calories you eat just by the snacks.

Nutrition information for the day

Ups, didn’t do as much walking/exercise as the other days, so according to the app I used 134 more than I should. Oh well, I will live another day.


2014-12-12 01.09.32

116 grams of carbs, that’s pretty high (Well, depends…) I should really get below 75 again, or even better below 50. That should speed up the weight loss a great deal. So time to cut down on snacks again.

December 10th, 2014 at 23:47

Low Carb week, Day 3

Another day, another Low Carb day. Wednesday the 10th of December, 2014. (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1, post #2)


I was in a bit of hurry this morning, so no cooking. Just some low carb müsli/cereal. I used to eat normal müsli/cereal a lot in the past but strangely enough I don’t miss it but I have to admit, sometimes it is nice to get something else that omelet, also something quicker. So I recently bought two different kinds of low carb cereal.

They don’t taste bad but they surely also not awesome. Maybe that’s good as I then don’t take an extra portion or take some for snack.

Anyway, today I had this one:

2014-12-10 09.38.32

With milk it was just 356 calories, nothing to complain about (except that it does not taste sweet).


I did cut some chicken at home but due to the stress I forgot it, so I settled for salad with cheese (Like the other day) but got some cherry tomatoes also to pimp it up a bit.

2014-12-10 12.28.43

Just around 420 calories.


For dinner I made a burger without the bun of course. I use lettuce as replacement; iceberg is the one that works best for me. I did try with the hard part of Chinese cabbage before, what a mess. You bite into the burger and the meat just slides out due to the cabbage pressing it down/away.

2014-12-10 21.19.39

So a burger made with iceberg, tomato, cucumber, cheese and some mayonnaise. Not the best one I made but was okay, and just 327 calories!


During work I had a few pieces of Kägi Fret :-)

At home I had another shake like yesterday, totally yummy.

2014-12-10 19.39.40

Total calories for snacks today was around 475. Those few pieces of Kägi Fret took 160 of them. Hardcore, in the past I would have eaten half a package.

Nutrition information for the day

Ended with 244 calories leftover according to MyFitnessPal (Hmm, could have had more snack).

2014-12-10 23.30.07

Seems the new update of the app does not show negative numbers in read any more!

December 10th, 2014 at 12:50

Low Carb week, Day 2

Let’s get right to it. Todays meals, actually, yesterdays meal :-) (First post in this new series can be found here post #1)


419 calorie

419 calories for a tasty breakfast, yes, please.

As so often I started the day with an omelet for breakfast. This time with 2 eggs with some sweet pepper mixed into it. Some chicken from yesterday, cheese and a fried tomato.


For lunch I had a pre-made salad with me, often I try to avoid these as I think it is crazy how much plastic is used for the container, with separate mini containers for fork, dressing, chicken and so forth. But got it from a friend so no bitching this time :-)

Presenting: Hawaii & Pasta

Around 350 calories

Not the most exciting salad but I had worse. It had a few pieces of pineapple and some chicken. Not sure what the pasta/noodles was about, just different. According to MyFitnessPal it got 350 calories and 32 grams of carb, my calculations gave less but guess they didn’t add the dressing on the Foot Fact note.

Late Dinner

Got home a bit late but took my time for cooking, actually started with a shake (See below). Then it was cooking time, the meal was simple but time consuming. Some fried meat and on the other pan I friend a mixture of cauliflower-rice, sweet pepper, lots of spinach, onion and some coconut.

2014-12-09 21.36.26

Just a word about cauliflower-rice, I read about it before but never tried it until my sister recommended it. So easy to make, just shred some cauliflower with a hand-held grater, leave in some bigger pieces (..just what I like..) and that’s about it. I don’t cook it but just fry it on the pan together with other things. Just be carefully, it can end up rather dry.

Had a nice long day so decided to enjoy a beer together with the food. Not a bad idea if I have to say it myself.

2014-12-09 21.38.19

So dinner ended up with a total of 612 calories, yes, including the beer.


During work I got hungry and decide for a small snack, in the past this could have been bread or chocolate but not any more (Well, sometimes…)

So bought 200 grams of cottage cheese, yammy, really enjoyed it.

2014-12-09 16.09.31

As mentioned, I had a shake when I came home from work, some take a glass of whine while cooking (yes, I do so too, sometimes) but I had a nice shake

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 24.49.43

(Hmmm, not the best picture).

Shake was inspired by the High-Protein Berry Shake from my favourite low carb website Low-Carb Diet Advice. My shake includes 60 grams of frozen blueberries, 120ml Coconut Milk, 10 grams of protein powder (Strawberry taste) and some artificial sweetener, finished off with some water. Second time I made it, taste really good but needs some tweaking I think. A bit high in calories with 316 and 13 grams of carb but sometimes you just have to ignore that and enjoy.

Nutrition information for the day

Had a lot today so ended way over my goal, actually ended at 1901 calories, then with a bit walking I ended up with… damn it.. minus 33 ;-) But no regrets, don’t even dare to think how it was in the past… But if I continue so I will be DOWN to 81.1 kg in 5 weeks, so maybe I should continue like this ;-)

2014-12-10 01.00.54

Yeah, guess that’s okay.

December 8th, 2014 at 23:50

Low Carb week, Day 1

Since I have been on low carb diet for quiet some time now I thought it would be an idea to share information about what I do eat during a normal week. So for the next week I will do a daily blog entry with photos of the meals and some nutrition information, as well as other comments ;-) Not planning any receipts but I will mention what is in the various meals.

As mention in the previous post I track all meals with MyFitnessPal.com (Their iOS app), so end of each day I will be able to share the daily nutrition overview. Whenever I ‘end’ the day with the app it will tell me how my weight will be in 5 weeks, if every day was like the day I just ended. I had have some cases where it didn’t allow me to finish the day, as I didn’t eat enough calories, even had one warning about starvation mode. Feels pretty strange when that shows up, as I never feel hungry at the end of the day.

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December 7th, 2014 at 22:10

Health Tracking

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Track it

I have for quiet some time been tracking exercise, weight, food intake and other health related data. I’m also putting data into a journal, typical me some would say. Putting as much as possible into spreadsheets but that’s just what I like to do ;-) So let me sum up what tools I have been using for tracking data. Continue Reading »

November 24th, 2014 at 9:25

Weight loss #3

This series of posts started with the Bet (The bet was that I could loose 5 kg within 2.5 month, and stay below that weight) and then the follow-up after I reached the goal. I can’t continue with Phase #2 #3 as the bet is over and done (Still need to get paid in Pizza and beer).

So introducing the weight loss series. Starting with part 3.


Early August I was at around 95.5 kg (Spiked at 97 kg) and pretty unfit. I didn’t do any sport and was not eating healthy. Often I was just eating cereal (müsli) for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and pasta or pizza in the evenings. Sometimes also just toast sandwich in the evening, so lot’s of carb and sugar. Earlier this year I was also drinking lots of energy drinks (Red Bull variations), often one per day and cola-zero was also something that I always had in the fridge. So in short: No good and if I stayed like that I would gain more weight.

I then bought the book Fit ohne Geräte: Trainieren mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht  (English: You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises), and liked what Mark Lauren wrote about: Training without having to go to the gym and without need to invest in equipment. So I slowly got started and was active for a month time, then I started on swimming and kind of got away from the home training. (What a fail).

Around the same time I read The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, this turned out to be a game changer for me. In the book I first time came across “Low Carb” diet. Sounded interesting and easy.

As a motivation I made the bet with my friend, just loose 2.5 kg and stay there, if I lost then he would get 250 EURO, if I win then he pays me pizza+beer (he shall be joining, so a win-win bet for him).

One and a half month later the bet was won, which I expected to happen, loosing weight is always easy in the beginning. But to my surprise I never felt as if I was on a hardcore diet. I tried some powder diets earlier; there you feel it all the time and don’t look forward to your meals. But with Low Carb I’m just eating a lot different food than before, and more healthy food and of course, no more carb. So no more bread, pasta and cereal for me. All turned out easy (I really need to do a post about Low Carb soon).

Spartan Race & Training

I will not go into details about this in this blog post, but early November I signed up for a Spartan Race Sprint, which will take place in April 2015 in Munich (Event info here). After a podcast by Tim Ferriss where he interview Joe De Sena and then after reading the Spartan Up!: A Take-No-Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life by Joe De Sena I did some research and came across the race in Germany. I considered it for a few days and signed up.

I have since then started almost daily fitness training and even started running (more about all this later). Again, a big change in my life, and a good one :-)

Below 85 kg

Around November 22nd I dropped below 85 kg, which felt great :-) The week after I did go up over 85kg (but didn’t reach 86kg) and now I’m around 84.2 kg, the change of around 11.5 kg is something I can feel. I had to add a hole to my belt and soon I will be buying new jeans. Nice side effect with loosing weight is that fitness becomes easier (I felt the difference big time when I recently went bouldering), so that just makes you feel like doing more fitness. Next goal is of course to get below 80 kg, which I should reach in the first 2 weeks of 2015.

My body’s fat also dropped below 30%, think about it, 30% of 85 kg is 25.5 kg, that’s lot of fat to carry around.

Stay on Low Carb?

Hell yes :-) I enjoy the food a lot, sure I spend more time in the kitchen now, but even that I enjoy. I might have to consider eating more carbs if I continue with my training but I will think a lot more about what I eat than I did earlier. But before I start to introduce more Carb into my diet I want to go below 80 kg, maybe even 75kg.

So what’s next?

  • Stay on Low Carb
  • More training
  • Spartan Race

Oh, that’s a nice list of upcoming blog entries :-)

September 13th, 2014 at 16:34

Bet won, phase 1

Weight loss / the bet

Early August I did a bet with a friend of mine (see previous post here) that involved me dropping 5 kg in weight. I had until end of October for this. Well, now we are around one month into the bet, so I thought I better give an update.

Short version: Bet won

I have for a few days now been below 90 kg (lowest 88.8 kg) so I consider the first phase of the bet is done; now the second phase is to keep the weight another month. Well, guess what, that’s not my goal any more. My next goal is to drop another 5kg, within the old time frame. Do note, this is not part of the bet ;-)

So next goal is below 85 kg before end October. Is this realistic? Hell yes, of course it is always easiest to drop the first kg but as long as I can keep the current eating plan then I should be set for 85 kg.

I don’t consider it a diet any more but a change in eating plan & thinking. I’ll write more about that in an upcoming post, which will include links to nice Low Carb food, my own experience…

How I lost the 5 kg

The main reason why I was able to drop in weight so fast was of course the Low Carb eating plan but I also think that been a bit more active have helped. Not that I have been overly active but if I compare with in the past then I was a lot more active ;-)


I’m put together a program from the book Fit ohne Geräte: Trainieren mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht,  (English: You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises), but only executed them 6 times in August and once in September (Then I got sick and took a break). Got to say that after one of the sessions I had muscle pain for days, just shows how inactive I was in the past.


Okay, I only went swimming twice during August and once in September but to my surprise I was able to swim much father than I ever did. Keep in mind, I do breast stroke and probably with very bad technique and I swim slow, no fancy stuff with head under water.

First time I did a total of 20 lanes (of 25 meters each), with a lot of small breaks. Just after I started I was sure I could max do 5 lanes.

So I set myself a goal, one day to do 10 lanes without break and another goal, 40 lanes in one session. The weekend after I went over to swim again and managed to do both goals. I was shocked. First 10 lanes without any real breaks (quickly stop up, get my breath and off again), then 20 lanes with breaks and then I got a silly idea, do another 10 lanes without breaks. Mission accomplished but took me a total of 70 minutes; that could be better.

Today I did 20 lanes without stopping and then another 10 lanes.

No new goals here, just want to improve the technique and do the 40 lanes again (Without stops!!)


Lets not talk about this, was only on the bike once in August…

Low Carb

I’m not going into detail with my eating plan but just want to highlight a few things. I changed to Low Carb diet/eating plan at the start of the weight loss bet. The reason why I don’t consider it a diet is that I do eat a lot ;-) but just have to consider what I eat.

Skipping pasta was a hard one, as I often had pasta every evening, especially when my kids are staying with me. Lunch mainly consisted of sandwiches, breakfast of cereals.

All that had to change and to my surprise it went smooth. Breakfast is often omelet (with meat, cheese, spinach…), lunch some home baked low carb bread or a salad. For dinner I often have some meat with broccoli/spinach/salad. So not only do I eat nice portions but compared to before I don’t eat that much junk and generally I eat less calories. I actually found it rather interesting/inspiring to do research on the net about low carb and the various foods that can be eating. Also found lots of interesting recipes.

I sure don’t follow the low carb 100%, I had raclette twice, had a chicken burger at BK, went eating with my son where we had some nice cordon bleu, I had pizza and on my birthday I had cake (for 2 days). So I’m not a low carb fanatic ;-)

I will follow up with more Low Carb content another day ;-) with examples of my various meals.

Sweets / drinks

I only bought a few pieces of chocolate (okay, failed yesterday and had 245g of M&Ms) and I seldom find my carving for sweets. I did buy 1 or 2 cokes and had a few zips from the kids but otherwise I was mainly drinking water and a bit ice tea.

So, on to the next 5 kg and a healthier life style.