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27.5 km walk

Today I did something crazy (for me), I decided to go for a long walk, longer than normally, from home to Basel and back again, ending up with 27.5 km in 5 hours. More than I ever walked in one go. It sure helped that we had a lovely weather today, with 8 to 14 […]

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Knee OP – ACL reconstruction, week #2

Not much has happened since my last week’s Knee OP blog entry (Can be found here) but things are progressing steady. Staples Main news are that I got the staples removed from the knee, all 20 of them. The assistant at the doctor removed them pretty quickly without any pain, went quicker and smoother than expected. […]

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Low carb week #52

Time for another week of low carb (last one can be viewed here Week #51), well, again a week late with posting it but Christmas came in the way (or so). So lets start out with something sweet. I have always loved chocolate, used to buy lots of M&M’s. Anyway, since I went on low […]

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Low carb week #51

After my little series of daily low carb posts (post #1, post #2, post #3, post #4, post #5, post #6 and post #7) I wanted to do a few more days but got away from it, then decided to do a week report, now one week too late I do the first one, so will be for week 51 of […]

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