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September 13th, 2014 at 16:34

Bet won, phase 1

Weight loss / the bet

Early August I did a bet with a friend of mine (see previous post here) that involved me dropping 5 kg in weight. I had until end of October for this. Well, now we are around one month into the bet, so I thought I better give an update.

Short version: Bet won

I have for a few days now been below 90 kg (lowest 88.8 kg) so I consider the first phase of the bet is done; now the second phase is to keep the weight another month. Well, guess what, that’s not my goal any more. My next goal is to drop another 5kg, within the old time frame. Do note, this is not part of the bet ;-)

So next goal is below 85 kg before end October. Is this realistic? Hell yes, of course it is always easiest to drop the first kg but as long as I can keep the current eating plan then I should be set for 85 kg.

I don’t consider it a diet any more but a change in eating plan & thinking. I’ll write more about that in an upcoming post, which will include links to nice Low Carb food, my own experience…

How I lost the 5 kg

The main reason why I was able to drop in weight so fast was of course the Low Carb eating plan but I also think that been a bit more active have helped. Not that I have been overly active but if I compare with in the past then I was a lot more active ;-)


I’m put together a program from the book Fit ohne Geräte: Trainieren mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht,  (English: You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises), but only executed them 6 times in August and once in September (Then I got sick and took a break). Got to say that after one of the sessions I had muscle pain for days, just shows how inactive I was in the past.


Okay, I only went swimming twice during August and once in September but to my surprise I was able to swim much father than I ever did. Keep in mind, I do breast stroke and probably with very bad technique and I swim slow, no fancy stuff with head under water.

First time I did a total of 20 lanes (of 25 meters each), with a lot of small breaks. Just after I started I was sure I could max do 5 lanes.

So I set myself a goal, one day to do 10 lanes without break and another goal, 40 lanes in one session. The weekend after I went over to swim again and managed to do both goals. I was shocked. First 10 lanes without any real breaks (quickly stop up, get my breath and off again), then 20 lanes with breaks and then I got a silly idea, do another 10 lanes without breaks. Mission accomplished but took me a total of 70 minutes; that could be better.

Today I did 20 lanes without stopping and then another 10 lanes.

No new goals here, just want to improve the technique and do the 40 lanes again (Without stops!!)


Lets not talk about this, was only on the bike once in August…

Low Carb

I’m not going into detail with my eating plan but just want to highlight a few things. I changed to Low Carb diet/eating plan at the start of the weight loss bet. The reason why I don’t consider it a diet is that I do eat a lot ;-) but just have to consider what I eat.

Skipping pasta was a hard one, as I often had pasta every evening, especially when my kids are staying with me. Lunch mainly consisted of sandwiches, breakfast of cereals.

All that had to change and to my surprise it went smooth. Breakfast is often omelet (with meat, cheese, spinach…), lunch some home baked low carb bread or a salad. For dinner I often have some meat with broccoli/spinach/salad. So not only do I eat nice portions but compared to before I don’t eat that much junk and generally I eat less calories. I actually found it rather interesting/inspiring to do research on the net about low carb and the various foods that can be eating. Also found lots of interesting recipes.

I sure don’t follow the low carb 100%, I had raclette twice, had a chicken burger at BK, went eating with my son where we had some nice cordon bleu, I had pizza and on my birthday I had cake (for 2 days). So I’m not a low carb fanatic ;-)

I will follow up with more Low Carb content another day ;-) with examples of my various meals.

Sweets / drinks

I only bought a few pieces of chocolate (okay, failed yesterday and had 245g of M&Ms) and I seldom find my carving for sweets. I did buy 1 or 2 cokes and had a few zips from the kids but otherwise I was mainly drinking water and a bit ice tea.

So, on to the next 5 kg and a healthier life style.





August 11th, 2014 at 22:11

The bet: 5 kg, 2.5 month or 250 EURO

I’m almost never doing bets, never bet on horses, sport (Just Danish “tip”) or other crazy events but that recently changed.

Not that I will be betting on horses from now on but I did a bet with a good friend of mine. It’s pretty simple:

The Bet: I have to loose 5 kg in 2.5 month

If I fail: He gets 250 EURO

If I win: I get a pizza & beer (and I lost 5 kg).

Time frame: End of October (yeah a bit more than 2.5 month, but close enough)

My weight has been stable for some years now, swinging between 94-96 kg. Today it was 95.5 kg, so I define for the bet that I must be below 90 kg AND stay below 90 kg for a month.

I plan to achieve this by doing more exercise (See below) and change my diet (also see below).

Exercises: I recently bought the book Fit ohne Geräte: Trainieren mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht, yes, a book in German (English: You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises), don’t think I ever read that much German before. A rather interesting book, covering the idea behind training using your own body as weight and not requiring any equipment or going to a gym. The book also contains a chapter about diet about nutrition,

I have now put together a small exercise program, 3 days with exercises from his book and 2-3 days with biking on my almost never used cross trainer.

Diet: I will follow tips from the above-mentioned book but also try the low carb-diet form The 4-hour Body. My problem with reading about diets is that I’m not familiar with the names, not in English or German (and not even in Danish). So even to get this right is a challenge :-) I will start out with changing my breakfast and then take it from there. At the same time I will cut down on sweets (Almost stopped eating chocolate+cake), soda drinks (after reading about how bad diet-sodas are I cut down a lot) and no more energy drinks. I used to drink energy drinks on a daily basis but for the last 2 month I had around 3-5 per month, so already going better.

So challenges for me and since I made it public, also a commitment from me ;-) Hmmm, pizza… ;-)

I will report back….


August 10th, 2014 at 17:14

The Beginner’s Habit Program & Sea Change followup

Earlier this year (The Beginner’s Habit Program & Joined Sea Change) I joined the Sea Change program, all started out fine, as often is the case when I start on something new. With the habits it went fine, got started on doing push ups every morning. I continued this beyond the first month and still do it from time to time but it is no longer a habit. Another habit that I started with was doing some arm exercise (had a small accident some time ago on a zip line), worked fine for 2 weeks and that’s it :-( I still do the exercises from time to time, but not enough.

Then Sea Change, first month was about meditation, so 5 minutes meditation before going to bed. Completed that without issues but I didn’t gain anything from it. Next phase was Mindful Eating, this I total skipped. Third phase was mindful walking, so kind of “be aware” while you walk, I tried and I didn’t fail but neither did I succeed! Maybe it was just too close to what I always did!

Then came the month where I stopped, “Unprocrastination” was the subject, just keep pushing it forward… perfect example of procrastinating if you ask me. I do know from the Sea Change accountability group I was member of (They later kicked me of, for not been active, total correct and fair) was that the idea was to choose the Most Important Task but some from the group did lists with 20+ tasks and got late to bed because of it. That kind of failed the idea I think, “Most Important Task” is singular for me, and there can only be one “Most”.. Just my opinion, but what I can say, I failed more than they did…

I’m not giving up on Sea Change (or myself) and will return to it soon, I just have to go through the 400 emails from them (Daily motivation emails…), I’m sure there is a lot of good things to be learned there.. and if I get back on track then I will again follow up here, hopefully not with another 7 month delay!

January 2nd, 2014 at 20:44

The Beginner’s Habit Program: Habit #1

As mentioned in previous post I’m going to follow the  ”The Beginner’s Habit Program”  to train to get new habits in place. I’m starting out very easy with a simple task.

Introducing Habit #1
This will be to do 15 pushups each morning, the trigger will be when I wake up and get out of bed, so first thing in the morning will be the pushups.

I’m keeping track of the frequency of me succeeding in a spreadsheet (google docs) but will report back here from time to time. Plan is to minimum do the habit for 30 days in a row. Let’s see if I can level up to Yellow Belt (Leveling Up system used in BHP).

January 2nd, 2014 at 0:48

Joined Sea Change

I was going through the latest newsletter I received from Zen Habits (I have to admit, I often forget to read them) and saw that Leo Babauta (guy behind Zen Habits) got another site/program called Sea Change; first I thought this was something rather new, but I was wrong, I got to read the newsletters when I get them… Do go to http://seachange.zenhabits.net to discover what it is all about or let me do a quick summary:

The idea is that people can do changes to their life, create new (good) habits and improve their life. This is done through monthly modules, each one trying to help out on a specific topic. Members can choose to follow the monthly/yearly plan or go through past modules. Each module includes the plan/overview, several articles, access to forum and one webinar. There is also the option to join groups (for accountability). Sure, nothing comes for free, so he is charging $10 per month for this. So it been subscription I can give it a try and then always cancel.

Since I’m new to starting creating new habits (Got enough bad ones already) I will also be following his “The Beginner’s Habit Program“. It follows some very simple steps on how to introduce new habits, find a trigger (breakfast!), select your new simple habit (very simple to start with), commit to it… and do it :-)

Leo uses accountability groups to help people commit to their new habits, so daily/weekly people should login and give feedback on progress. Instead of groups you can of course just use some friends, or as I will be doing it, using my blog. I did have a look at the groups, several looked interesting but no longer accepted members (groups are often less than 7 people).

I have already found my simple beginners habit and will start tomorrow with this one (blog post to follow tomorrow), and I will be following the first module of the Sea Change (A Month of Mindfulness).

I will not be doing daily blog entries for the new habits, but at least weekly.

December 31st, 2013 at 16:55

High Blood Pressure part 2

in: Health

About two month ago I posted about my high blood pressure (See blog entry here) since then things have changed to the better.

I continued with the medicine for another month and went back for another checkup at the doctor. My blood pressure had stabilised itself at a lower value than earlier, so generally good news :-) I will continue to take the Coveram 5mg/5mg in the future, no need for any stronger medicine according to my doctor. I will be returning for another check up at around February 2014.

Right now I’m at 136/82 with a pulse of 61-82 (Based on measurements taken in December), in the last blog post I wrote that I was on average 145/100, so a nice improvement I think.

In my BMI fight nothing changed, I’m stable on 94.5 kg. So time for me to work on that…

October 26th, 2013 at 11:44

High Blood Pressure

in: Health

Blood donation

I have been giving blood donation for several years now, maybe not as often as I should but at least regularly. They (Blood donation centre) even call me from time to time to ask if I have time to come and donate. They ‘like’ me since I’m O-, meaning that my blood can be used by any person no matter what blood type they have. So in cases where they don’t have time during an emergency to determine the blood type of a person they will issue O-. Bad side about having O- is that I can only receive O-. This is also why they take double portion from me, Red Cross calls this Double Red Cell Donation, more info here.

Just looked up Blood Types on wikipedia and saw that around 6% of all Danes have O-, no idea what the status is here in Switzerland but probably in that area also.

I always look forward for the blood donations, sure it helps that I’m not afraid of needles but I always find it interesting going there. Sure, having a good sandwich, coffee after (and sometimes a drink while donating) is a plus also. I don’t know how it is in other countries but we are not paid for the donation (Why should we!).

Blood donation failed

So recently they called form the donation centre again and I came in a few days later. Part of the whole procedure is to do some blood tests, check the blood pressure. To my surprise the nurse looked worried when she checked the blood pressure, sure it was a bit high but as far as I remembered it was also that the time before. Thing was, this time it was even higher. So I was told to lay down a bit, maybe it would decrease, as she explained: some patients have higher blood pressure due to been nervous about the whole thing. I was like: Eh, I’m not nervous; I’m just looking forward to it all. Anyway, 15 min later they checked again and yes, it had dropped. But still too high, so waited another 15 min and then it was back high. So due to that she would not go forward with the blood donation :(

So I left and right away arranged for a doctor visit the day after.

Doctor visit & follow up

A quick note, exactly a year before the visit I had all my blood values checked, all was very good (some even extreme good), all good as long as we don’t talk about BMI :-)

Anyway, I went for the doctor visit and yes, blood pressure was too high. So he gave me a blood pressure monitor. So every day for a month (Except for the few times I forgot) I was measuring the blood pressure to get a better idea about how bad it was. On average I was at 150/105 but with peaks at 165/115. In the past I was around 120/80. Pulse was at around 75-90 during the time I measured.

This was clearly too high and my doctor decided to put me on medicine to reduce the blood pressure. Great thing was that he did not tell me to stop drinking coffee, then again, coffee only gives short term peaks in the blood pressure nothing long term. So now I’m taking Coveram 5mg/5mg every day and will return in some weeks for another checkup. I’m still measuring every day and I already see some improvements, average is around 145/100, still too high but better. The lowest was 117/85, with a pulse of 66.

The plan is also to reduce my weight as that will also help (but not enough), a BMI of 35 is no good. My weight is stable at 95 kg, so time for me to come up with a plan to reduce that.

More to follow another day, for both blood pressure and the BMI fight.


October 12th, 2013 at 10:06

To Blog or Not To Blog

My last blog entry started with “About three years ago (end of 2007)” and I was like, oh, as time passes and then realized that since that blog entry there have passed almost 3 years.

I have often been thinking that I really should start blogging again as I really enjoyed it earlier. Sometimes a subject/theme comes up and I think “I should really blog about this” and then nothing happens. Rather strange :-) But often I also think, what should I really blog about.. Let’s try a few subjects:

  • Blogging
    Nah, can’t write about something that I don’t do
  • Poker
    Ah, my big obsession but as long as I’m at the level I am and without any big scores (yet) I better stay away from it. Don’t want people to know what fish I am ;-)
  • Blogging for money
    Yeah, let me blog about how to get rich from blogging. I mean, over the many years I earned a bit more than $ 200. So I better not blog about this
  • Life
    Blogging about my life. That would just be sad and depressing
  • Games
    Well, I play two games only, Subway Surfers on the iPhone and Lord of the Rings Online on the Mac, so not much to say there. Sure I could write: Today I was running around killing orcs and goblins, and then I was riding a bit and did the same.. Oh dear, that sounds boring ;-)
  • Game development
    My old obsession but I somehow grew out of that. I’m still following game dev a bit but just a tiny bit. From time to time I do think it would be great to develop a small game again but I just can’t find the time (or motivation)
  • Software development / work
    I’m doing software development at work but honestly nothing wild to write about. So I will skip this
  • Health
    Something I never wrote about before, but let’s see, might not be a bad idea at all…

First of all, before I continue with more blog entries I will have to clean up here on the blog. Already been through 700 spam comments, just another 1000 to go. Then plugin update time. Then check if there are new plugins to be installed, clean up in links, maybe remove some old posts.

So is this YET ANOTHER KICKSTART OF THE BLOG, yeah, guess it is, but as always no promises.

December 31st, 2010 at 0:44

Monitors on My Mind, I need a Square Monitor, part 2

About three years ago (end of 2007) I wrote about monitors and square monitors (See here). I received a good few comments on that (Sorry people, first got some of them approved recently). Instead of giving feedback on the comments directly in the comment section I decided to write a new blog post, as things have changed a bit since then and I thought it would be fair to give feedback and some updates. My monitor setup and future wishes have changed from back in 2007. Lot’s have also happened on the monitor market but still no real square monitor available.

Continue Reading »

May 28th, 2010 at 13:29

Time for World Cup

in: ETH

Guess we reached the time where EVERYBODY is talking about the World Cup and guess what, it is the same here at ETH Zurich where I work. We have gone an extra step and is doing some betting/voting, everybody pays 10 CHF, half goes to the winners and the rest is used for BBQ ;-)

We are using the online service tipponline.ch

That’s probably all I have to say about the World Cup (yes, I’m not a big fan…)