Level 52 gloves

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Level 52 gloves

Some of you (those who know me for real) will know that I play Lord of The Rings Online a good bit; sure not as much as other addicts are doing.

Anyway, in the game I’m able to craft things and I have selected tailoring as my main profession. So I can make lots of fancy cloth, armour and so forth. Due to me been tailor I’m not able to create metal armour so just leather armour. This suits me fine as thats the only kind of armour I can use in the game.

My sister is also playing the game and I often help her with armour but she (One of her characters only) can actually use metal armour. So there I’m no help.

So my sister has to shop for the items and guess what, she just bought THE pair of gloves. Do check the picture.

Real life gloves

(click image for large image in better quality)

Yes, I’m NOT kidding, she bought those. The gloves are 30 by 18 cm, weight 2 times 1.5 kg. THAT IS MADNESS :-)

So some women buy makeup and some buys armour. Guess people will not mess with my sister.

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