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The bet: 5 kg, 2.5 month or 250 EURO

I’m almost never doing bets, never bet on horses, sport (Just Danish “tip”) or other crazy events but that recently changed. Not that I will be betting on horses from now on but I did a bet with a good friend of mine. It’s pretty simple: The Bet: I have to loose 5 kg in […]

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Joined Sea Change

I was going through the latest newsletter I received from Zen Habits (I have to admit, I often forget to read them) and saw that Leo Babauta (guy behind Zen Habits) got another site/program called Sea Change; first I thought this was something rather new, but I was wrong, I got to read the newsletters […]


High Blood Pressure part 2

About two month ago I posted about my high blood pressure (See blog entry here) since then things have changed to the better. I continued with the medicine for another month and went back for another checkup at the doctor. My blood pressure had stabilised itself at a lower value than earlier, so generally good […]


High Blood Pressure

Blood donation I have been giving blood donation for several years now, maybe not as often as I should but at least regularly. They (Blood donation centre) even call me from time to time to ask if I have time to come and donate. They ‘like’ me since I’m O-, meaning that my blood can […]

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To Blog or Not To Blog

My last blog entry started with “About three years ago (end of 2007)” and I was like, oh, as time passes and then realized that since that blog entry there have passed almost 3 years. I have often been thinking that I really should start blogging again as I really enjoyed it earlier. Sometimes a […]


Time for World Cup

Guess we reached the time where EVERYBODY is talking about the World Cup and guess what, it is the same here at ETH Zurich where I work. We have gone an extra step and is doing some betting/voting, everybody pays 10 CHF, half goes to the winners and the rest is used for BBQ ;-) […]

Sam Nova

I’m still alive

Just wanted to let people know that I’m still alive :-) but seems the blog is dying, let’s see if I can get around to get it back alive. As you might have noticed, this year did not start with a review of last years goals nor a list of goals for this year. This […]

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