Welcome to October 2008

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Welcome to October 2008

At the start of August I wrote about goals and small rules to be used in life. I wanted to do an update each month but for some reason I never got around to do the September one (Actually, not much happened in September with the blog and postings).

Anyway, let me recap how it went with the rules and goals set early August and also have a look at October and the month to come.

Looking back

No more sweets

Summary: Eat fewer sweets, not buying snacks at work or for the time driving back and forth to work

Fact: This worked out very well for August but I failed a bit in September. In August I stayed almost ‘clean’ of sweets for the whole month; I did eat more fruits and felt pretty good about it. September was a bit more like ‘normal’, so some M&Ms and some chocolate and small snacks at work when I felt tired. But even September was better than the month before this rule. Funny thing I noticed was that I actually felt bad about eating sweets, thinking “I should not be eating this really”.

Future: I definitely want to get back to follow this rule. I also lost a bit weight in August which was a great motivation factor. So back to “No sweets”


Summary: Do more fitness in the studio but also at home. Do push-ups and sit-ups every evening.

Fact: One word: FAIL. I did go to the fitness studio a few times but it was just a few times. For home fitness I total failed, just the first few days and that was it.

Future: I NEED to get in better shape. I received the next bill for the fitness studio and yes, I will pay it. So for once more: More fitness training, both at the studio and also at home.

Mindless time wasting

Summary: Don’t spend time with mindless TV watching. Not stopping watching TV but don’t sit down at the TV without knowing ‘why’ and then just spend hours looking for something interesting.

Fact: Very close to a success. I do still watch TV but less than before but I still catch myself from time to time. A good example was the other day, sat down at the TV as the PC was doing a quick backup. Checked the channels and saw they showed “Blade: Trinity“. My thought was: Great movie, seen it a few times, so who cares that I missed the start. Watched 15 minutes and then just turned off with the thought: This is crazy, seen it many times, so no need to see it again when I got other important things to do.

Future: 100% sure I will continue with this rule, I will even be stricter with it. Sure I will still watch a movie or two, might even take some hours from time to time and just relax (recreation) with some talk show. I did find one interesting article the other day by Steve Pavlina (8 Changes I Experienced After Giving Up TV) where he describes the changes in his life after he said goodbye to TV. This is a very good motivation for keeping up with this rule.

New rules for October and month to come

Reduce drinking

This can of course be total misunderstood but nope, I’m not having issues with drinking alcohol at all. I do have a beer or glass of wine from time to time with my dinner or when I watch a good movie. I’m going to continue doing so but just not often. If I think back on my time in Ireland I have to say that I have a lot fewer pints pr week.

This rule has been in place just before August but I just forgot to mention it when I wrote my old rules. So less beer but also less energy drinks (Red Bull and the clones). I had times where I had at least one energy drink every day, sometimes more than one. I August I had a total of 1 or 2, a few more in September but so far none in October.

Update: I total forgot this part, thanks to Thomas and his comments. Soft drinks such as Coca Cola (and clones) have already been reduced a lot. Since my daughter used to love cola we decided very early only to buy Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi, so no calories and no caffeine. I got into a habit of drinking that also (does taste okay) but it does happen that I buy a real coke. So I don’t consider soft drinks to be something to cut down on, just keep an eye on. Regarding kids and drinking Coca Cola (or Pepsi), just wanted to add that my daughter and her brother don’t drink cola any more, they prefer water. She does drink a bit Fanta from time to time, but my son often wants milk (How often do you hear a kid ask for milk for their Happy Meal at McDonald).

That’s about it for October, just one more rule to follow and of course keeping the old rules in mind. The only one I will have issues with is fitness but let’s see in a month time how that went.

Edit: I update the “Reduce drinking” part to include soft drinks.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to October 2008

  1. You forget to mention coke cola (and bad clones). It contains a big amount of succer and gives you a gooood succer-rush (for a short while).

    I was adicted to it until recently. Now I can say no…. but it taste soooo gooood. Now I drink a lot of water and eating fruit, to keep my blood-succer up.

    Regards Thomas H.

  2. Thanks Thomas. I updated the post with soft drinks.

    Just have to tease you a bit, here in Switzerland the coke cola contains sugar and not succer, maybe different in Denmark :-)

    In any case, I think a lot of people are addicted to Cola and it would be healthy for them to cut down on it or to stop completely.

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