Kick start of Blog Summer 2009

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Kick start of Blog Summer 2009

Oh dear, things have just been going slower and slower with the blog. Not that I don’t have tons of things on my mind but I just never get around to blog about it. Often I think “Oh, I have to blog about this…” (Examples: Lord of the Ring concert in Denmark, when Michael Jackson died, movies I seen, games I played, software I use and the list goes on) I might even get started on writing but that’s all that happens.

Let me do a quick follow up on the last post and then write a bit about what is going to happen now…

Extra work

In March I wrote that I would not be taking any extra work on; well, that’s was true until now :-) I’ll get back to this in an upcoming blog entry. (I’m rather excited about this). It involves iPhone & Unity 3D ;-)


I have not had much success with poker the last few months; sure I got some payouts but not enough. It also happens that I leave a game been unhappy about how I played. So I sure have enough to work on there. Other Poker opened at a new location, so now both in Basel and Kaiseraugst and I will surely continue to play there when I have the change (and the time). During the last few months I also did a good few games online but again, not with enough positive results but I will continue to play of course. I will be playing less than before, both due to bankroll and the extra work I will be doing.


I paid for continuing the training at the fitness studio but never got around to go again. So I finally cancelled my membership. Nothing wrong with the place or the people there but I’m just able to find the time to go there. Hope this will change one day…

So… what comes next?

This kick start is NOT about goals, aims and so forth. Had enough of that :-)

  • I will be approving all comments in the queue that is not spam (of course) and do some comments on them; some of the comments are rather old :-(
  • Then check if some small tweaks are needed for the blog, updates of plugins and so forth.
  • Cleanup in links

Thereafter it will be time to start blogging again, it is SO simple.

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