The Beginner’s Habit Program & Sea Change followup

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The Beginner’s Habit Program & Sea Change followup

Earlier this year (The Beginner’s Habit Program & Joined Sea Change) I joined the Sea Change program, all started out fine, as often is the case when I start on something new. With the habits it went fine, got started on doing push ups every morning. I continued this beyond the first month and still do it from time to time but it is no longer a habit. Another habit that I started with was doing some arm exercise (had a small accident some time ago on a zip line), worked fine for 2 weeks and that’s it :-( I still do the exercises from time to time, but not enough.

Then Sea Change, first month was about meditation, so 5 minutes meditation before going to bed. Completed that without issues but I didn’t gain anything from it. Next phase was Mindful Eating, this I total skipped. Third phase was mindful walking, so kind of “be aware” while you walk, I tried and I didn’t fail but neither did I succeed! Maybe it was just too close to what I always did!

Then came the month where I stopped, “Unprocrastination” was the subject, just keep pushing it forward… perfect example of procrastinating if you ask me. I do know from the Sea Change accountability group I was member of (They later kicked me of, for not been active, total correct and fair) was that the idea was to choose the Most Important Task but some from the group did lists with 20+ tasks and got late to bed because of it. That kind of failed the idea I think, “Most Important Task” is singular for me, and there can only be one “Most”.. Just my opinion, but what I can say, I failed more than they did…

I’m not giving up on Sea Change (or myself) and will return to it soon, I just have to go through the 400 emails from them (Daily motivation emails…), I’m sure there is a lot of good things to be learned there.. and if I get back on track then I will again follow up here, hopefully not with another 7 month delay!

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