Weight loss #5, review

It has not been more than a year since I started to change my life, I’m here thinking about living healthier, change in diet and do more sport. This is a short summary of what happened since then.

From 97kg to 85kg

My weight spiked to 97 kg in August 2014 and I then decided that things had to change.

Spartan Race München 2015

Trip report on my first Spartan Race ever and first one I failed to complete…

It’s been around 2.5 month since the race and I wanted to do this write-up several times but typical me, pushing it to “next week” again and again.

Anyway, in April 2015, we (myself and Mario) took part in the Spartan Race in München (Germany). Not only was it race time but also time to visit Mario, first time I got around to go to their place, so we had lots to talk about and all was very enjoyable.