Not dead… (Quick update)

So it happened again, I abandoned the blog :( But good news is that I'm alive. I thought it was time for a short update, so here goes. Not sure when or why it happened that I (again) let go of the blog but it was around the time I realised that I will no longer be able to take part in Spartan Races, due to the knee issues that I blogged about earlier. Doctors advise was to skip that…

27.5 km walk

Today I did something crazy (for me), I decided to go for a long walk, longer than normally, from home to Basel and back again, ending up with 27.5 km in 5 hours. More than I ever walked in one go. It sure helped that we had a lovely weather today, with 8 to 14 degrees Celsius, blue sky and not that windy. But the walk idea didn't come out of the blue; I had planned to do it. So…

Weight loss #5, review

It has not been more than a year since I started to change my life, I’m here thinking about living healthier, change in diet and do more sport. This is a short summary of what happened since then.

From 97kg to 85kg

My weight spiked to 97 kg in August 2014 and I then decided that things had to change.

Knee OP – ACL reconstruction, week #6

I didn’t post any update to my two previous ACL entries (find #1 here and #2 here) as not much happened. Mainly just been doing my knee exercises and limp around on the crutches. But this week I went for my 6-week checkup at the hospital and that sure changed a lot :-)

Knee OP – ACL reconstruction, week #2

Not much has happened since my last week’s Knee OP blog entry (Can be found here) but things are progressing steady.


Main news are that I got the staples removed from the knee, all 20 of them. The assistant at the doctor removed them pretty quickly without any pain, went quicker and smoother than expected. But then again, for some reason I thought they went deeper.

Knee OP – ACL reconstruction, week #1

I have now been home for about a week since my knee operation. So about 1.5 week after the operation as I only stayed 3 and a half-day at the clinic.

The operation

This was my first operation really, so I was not really sure what to expect or had any idea about the whole thing but I have to say that things went rather smooth. It sure helped that all the people I met at the hospital was always in good mood, smiling and very friendly.

Weight loss #4 & low carb & Spartan Race

It has been awhile since I reported on my weight loss quest, see last post from November 24th, 2014 here Weight loss #3, I also been neglecting posting in my low carb series. So thought it was a good idea to give an update.  So time for some talk about weight loss, low carb, Spartan Race and not to forget, some pictures :-)

Low carb week #52

Time for another week of low carb (last one can be viewed here Week #51), well, again a week late with posting it but Christmas came in the way (or so). So lets start out with something sweet. I have always loved chocolate, used to buy lots of M&M's. Anyway, since I went on low carb I have more or less stopped with chocolate, to my big surprise this was easier than expected. But I still want some chocolate from…

Low carb week #51

After my little series of daily low carb posts (post #1, post #2, post #3, post #4, post #5, post #6 and post #7) I wanted to do a few more days but got away from it, then decided to do a week report, now one week too late I do the first one, so will be for week 51 of 2014.

Main reason to change it in to a weekly blog post was that I spend too much time every evening (and often too late) and actually, I often had the same to eat every day, so 7 blog posts with 7 times more or less same breakfast, not that cool really.

So I will from now on just show a few meals for a week, so no more daily pictures. Oh, this also makes it easier for me to cheat ;-)

So let’s get started with breakfast on the 15th of December.

Low Carb week, Day 7

With this post 7 of my little series I reached ‘the end’ (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1, post #2, post #3, post #4, post #5, post #6) But I will probably do one or two days more, since the previous two days wasn’t that low carb. It sounds a bit as if I will stop on low carb but that’s not the case. I have been on low carb for a long time and I see the results and surely I will continue. I will also continue with low carb posts from time to time, but let’s get to today first. So this was my day 7 in my little series; Sunday the 14th of December 2014.