Year: 2008


Welcome to October 2008

At the start of August I wrote about goals and small rules to be used in life. I wanted to do an update each month but for some reason I never got around to do the September one (Actually, not much happened in September with the blog and postings). Anyway, let me recap how it […]


Level 52 gloves

Some of you (those who know me for real) will know that I play Lord of The Rings Online a good bit; sure not as much as other addicts are doing. Anyway, in the game I’m able to craft things and I have selected tailoring as my main profession. So I can make lots of […]

Living Poker

Real Life Poker

When looking back at the “No Real New Year Resolution but goals for 2008” post then under the poker section I had a few goals. Let’s have a quick look at them: Play more Fail. Sure I had days/weeks where I played a good number of games but I also had weeks/month almost without any […]


80days web page went live

The web page for the project I’m working on went live yesterday. It is still been tweaked and updated; there should be some issues with IE 6.0 but it sure works fine with FireFox 2. So in case you are interested in reading about the project I’m working on at ETHZ then do go over […]


Welcome to August 2008

Yeah, I know we are a few days into the month but I still find it alright to say Welcome to August 2008. So what is the idea with this? I will each month set some small rules/goals for myself; nothing major such as “I need to blog 30 times this month”. As we all […]


Shopping for books

Amazon gave me 25% discount This is not first time I get discount from Amazon, I got one or two vouchers worth 5 EURO or so before, but this time it total rocked, a total discount on 25% on ALL books I order. This is just because I live in Switzerland and am ordering from […]

Movies Review

Movie Review: Hancock

Review does not contain any ‘real’ spoilers but links might do. Hancock (IMDb) (Trailers) I remember clearly the day I came across the teaser for movie Hancock staring Will Smith. First of all, I consider Will Smith a great entertainer (singer, comedian and actor) and seeing him in the role of Hancock was just perfect. […]

This site

Returning to the blog

Things sure went down the hill with the blog the last few month, sorry about that. What makes it worse is that I at the very start of the year wrote about my goals for this year (No Real New Year Resolution but goals for 2008) which included a few blogging goals, then later in […]

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