Do note: I do not agree with the subject of this post :-)

I just came across this YouTube video of a guy who made a song/video with that subject, how he failed in all parts of a relationship and just puts the blame on Halo 3 and Halo 2. (Hope it was not a true story).

I had to laugh when I saw the movie but the sad part of this is that some games DO take over people’s life and they forget the important things in life, such as PEOPLE and communicating with the people around them. I would still not blame the games but it is more about the people.

Oh, and it is not only Halo 2 and Halo 3 that have that effect; guess games like World of Warcraft also counts as a ‘I forgot life’-game.

Watch the video, have a good laugh (I just love the last part) and think about it…

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  1. BunGirl

    Too funny! The sad truth is though, lots of people get sucked into games and forget that real life is happening all around them. There are even support groups and interventions and such. Scary if you ask me. I’m not saying it’s the games’ fault — more that the person has some real issues they need to deal with and the addiction to a game (or many) is probably just a symptom. Anyway, great post and thanks for the laugh!

  2. Sam Nova

    I total agree with you BunGirl (Funny name). Just look at some of the people playing World of Warcraft. I played it for while also and yes, it can be VERY addicting.

    Oh, one note about the movie, I don’t want to take any credits for it, I just saw it and just HAD to mention it.

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