I just can’t believe it; I’m going to get SO rich. Already doing my shopping list: Two Apple 30″ screens, iPod Ultra Nano Touch, PS3, 52″ HDTV screen, surround set, extra car.. Hell why not also a house with pool. I mean, with $30.000 pr month it should be possible.

Of course this is not for real, but I just received the 9th poker book to my collection and do check the title of it Earn $30,000 per Month Playing Online Poker: A Step-By-Step Guide to Single Table Tournaments.That sure does sound promising, right?

The title almost sounds like an online scam and due to my skepticism I’m very skeptic :-)

I had a quick read through the book when I had lunch (only 120 pages) and it actually does look alright. The book assumes that the reader knows about Poker (fair enough), only 2 pages about poker odds. It is most of all a strategic system that can be used for single table tournaments. They also write about various hand/player tracking software, so that’s something that can’t be used offline.

The plan is not to use their system 100% (yet) but I will read through the book a few times and then evaluate if I should give it a try. Just need to get some other online poker sorted first (for some bonus) before I might have time for it.

I will report back if the system in the book really works.

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