Month: November 2007

Xbox 360

Yet another broken XBox 360

In the previous post from 13th of November (Repaired XBox 360 Returned Today) I mentioned that Mario won the race about getting his XBox 360 back. Quick summary, my XBox died and so did Mario’s. We both got in contact with Microsoft on the same day so we had a little race about who would […]

Xbox 360

Repaired XBox 360 Returned Today

As mentioned some weeks ago (XBox 360 repair time) my XBox 360 had entered the Red Ring of Death and wasn’t working at all. So I got in touch with the XBox support people and got arranged for the XBox to be repaired. All roads of Broken XBox’s leads to Teleplan Germany My friend Mario […]


I’m going to get SO rich now

I just can’t believe it; I’m going to get SO rich. Already doing my shopping list: Two Apple 30″ screens, iPod Ultra Nano Touch, PS3, 52″ HDTV screen, surround set, extra car.. Hell why not also a house with pool. I mean, with $30.000 pr month it should be possible. Of course this is not […]

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