Review of 4 movies. Part 4, the movie 300

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Review of 4 movies. Part 4, the movie 300

Finally the last of the four reviews that I had planned for now. The previous reviews can be found here: Shooter, Sunshine and Music & Lyrics

Today it is about the movie 300; at the end of the review I will give my recommendations for the 4 movies and let you know what I plan to get on DVD at a later stage.

300 (IMDb) (Trailers)

Ever since I saw the first trailer I knew I had to see this movie. I later saw it again several times and still wanted to see it. I even bought the sound track as I felt the music in the trailer was SO full of power and emotions (battle emotions). So did the movie live up to the expectations? YES it sure did.

The movie did start out slow with some story telling about the Spartans and who/what they are; but it never felt boring. If you have seen the trailers you will know the movie is about 300 Spartans fighting against the Persian army of millions. Oh, and they fight… and fight. I was worried that the fighting scenes would get boring and just felling like repeated fighting. This was how I had it with Kill Bill no 1, but in 300 it was never like that.

Sure a LOT died; you saw LOTS of blood (or did you!!! I never noticed much RED blood; it looked more as comic blood). The scenes were very well done with switching between slow-motion and normal speed without getting annoying. Oh, and one thing, it will never feel the same as before when you eat an apple; people who seen the movie will know what I talk about… I did have one issue with the movie; the film quality (I’m not talking about the quality of the movie but the quality of the visuals on the display/screen) where not that good. As if the visuals were ‘dirty’ maybe because the movie had been shown many times. This might also be a result of the projectors used in the cinema. I mainly noticed this at the start; hope the DVD will be better quality.


I’m going to recommend all 4 movies!!! Shooter for a nice action movie; Music and Lyrics for great comedy and makes you feel good movie; 300 again for great action with awesome sound track. The recommendation for Sunshine is different; I’m going to recommend AGAINST watching it… But I have to be far and say that the opinions on that movie vary a lot.

What to get on DVD

Two of the 4 movies will become part of my DVD collection later this year. The first one will be Music and Lyrics, for a great laugh and to make me feel good. It was also the nicest cinema evening of them all.

The other will be 300; I’m considering if this one should be my first HD DVD or Blu-ray movie (Not that I got the setup for it), just to be able to really enjoy the music and the style of the movie.

I might get Shooter also; but will wait till I see it at a very low price. Just to have a good movie to sit back and relax with.


Seems the next few month will be a busy cinema time, not that I mind it of course, at least following movies are on my list of movies to see: Spiderman 3, Shrek the Third, Transformers, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Die Hard 4 (Live Free or Die Hard), The Simpsons Movie.. (Transformers and Die Hard are on top of my list). So do check back later for more movie comments.

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