Review of 4 movies. Part 1, the movie Shooter

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Review of 4 movies. Part 1, the movie Shooter

During the last month I went to the cinema a few times and decided to I would share my opinion about the movies. There will be 4 mini reviews which will be done in 4 postings.

In each of the reviews I will try to avoid any spoilers except for one movie where the spoilers are for your own good…

I will also be giving links to the IMDb (The Internet Movie Database) (great resource for movie information) and also links to the trailers on Apple’s site. Then again, why avoid spoilers when the trailers are full of them :-)

Shooter (IMDb) (Trailers)

This is a great action movie that mixes conspiracy, justice, love, one man army and action all good together. Mark Wahlberg plays the role of the top sniper Bob Lee Swagger; that retried early in his career (Damn, that I wrote I would avoid spoilers). The government later tracks him down and offers him a job that he can’t refuse as he is SO full of patriotism. The acting of Mark is top; could he be the next young Bruce Willis (Not that I’m writing off Bruce Willis).

Things do not work out as planned (far from it) and then the action really starts. Of course he is not taking care of it all but gets some help from a certain lady and another agent. The movie does have a few surprises elements but most of it is straight forward.

This might not be a movie that will trigger any deep feelings or make people think much about life, except maybe the amount of conspiracy in the movie. It is an action movie that I would classify as very good. There are no time in the movie with it feels as if nothing is happening but there are times where it might be over done a bit (Hell, Rambo was over done a good bit).

This movie is not for kids as it does involve a lot of violence and death. This might be one of the points where the movie goes a bit wrong; Mr. Swagger got this attitude ‘I shall prove that I did nothing wrong, I will have my revenge and put the people to justice who treated me wrong and I shall do it no matter the price.. kill..kill..kill’. This was a thought that I had while watching the movie and especially at the ending scene. Then again, this is made for entertainment.
This was the end of part 1. In the second part I will write about the movie Sunshine; so look forward to an interesting review ;-) Do also keep an eye out for part 3 and 4.

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