Review of 4 movies. Part 2, the movie Sunshine

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Review of 4 movies. Part 2, the movie Sunshine

This is the second part of my movie reviews. The first review was of the movie Shooter and that review can be found here.

I would normally avoid any kind of spoilers but this review will contain some; but do read on and you will soon know why.

Sunshine (IMDb) (Trailers)

After I saw Sunshine I was very close to do a post just about the experience, but since I don’t want to be seen as a very negative person I decided to drop the idea. This review WILL contain some spoilers, but please read it, watch the trailer and then decide if you really want to see the movie; if you read the reviews on IMBd then lots of people agree with me and lots disagrees.

So here goes: The whole idea with the movie is that the sun is dieing (yeah, right, just in 50 years time). The only chance humanity got is to reactivate it, so they create a stellar bomb and send it off with a spaceship; this should create a star with in the star. The bomb is sent off with a spaceship but the mission fails. So they build one more; mining the earth for the last resources for such a bomb, so this is the ONLY chance left. This one is sent off 7 years later.

The new spaceship got a crew of just 8. It goes WITHOUT saying that ONLY one can activate the bomb (Capa). I find it a bit funny that they can mine the earth for all resources; build a spaceship like this; program it to fly this far but they god damn fail to train more than one person, or just let a computer handle it all… Anyway, of course Capa has to take part in all exercises that can go wrong; such as repairing the sun shield; enter the OLD spaceship. I would have but him a box and first let him out when it was TIME.

Yes, they do find the old spaceship at Mercury and ends up going there.

I have to admit that until this point in the movie I really enjoyed it. But then it all turned crap.

It started with fancy/arty effects (split second from some other scene) once or twice would have been okay but it was just too much. While they are on board the old spaceship they have to abandon the ship as it looses the connection with the main ship. So one got to stay and they loose one more on the emergency trip back to the main ship. Then the captain from the old ship comes on board (Who survived 6.5 years with a BAD BAD sunburn) and for awhile the movie turns into a slasher horror movie; the captain also got this ability to blur the movie whenever he is on it (WTF). At this stage I actually considered leaving the cinema but stayed…

So here they are (two crew members and Mr. Slasher) on the final path that will take them into the sun; it is clear at this time they will not return. There is a small fight between Capa and Slasher which takes place inside the huge bomb container. Interesting as they had this serious issue earlier that they where running out of air; and here they have SO much of it. Never mind, just ONE more place where it all goes wrong.

Capa manages of course to activate the stellar bomb just before they crash into the sun. So in the end they ALL dies but saves the world. <bow>. The final decent into the sun is done with the camera (renders) shaking, probably to make it all more dramatic but it annoyed me a hell lot.

Of course they would have died anyway as NO spaceship would have been able to leave the gravity of the sun; even with a way too small shield. Oh gravity; seems gravity is only enabled with the spaceship got air; so if you are in the airlock without air then no gravity, they press the pressurize button and they get air and gravity! The movie is FULL of such mistakes.

Let’s see, positive points. The computer graphics in the movie was VERY well done; the sun was amazing, sure they spend more money on those renderings than the script… The actors did a pretty good job I would say. Decoration / the set were well done; didn’t seem cheap. Sound was also great. The idea behind the story was good but something went wrong.

Sorry that this part got so long; but I just had to get rid of it.

I was talking to a good friend of mine who also saw the movie; his opinion is close to the opposite, pretty interesting how people can see this movie SO different.

This was the second part of my small movie review collection. In the two other parts I will write about the movie “Music and Lyrics” and then finally the movie 300. In the last part I will also come with recommendations and a few comments on what I will get on DVD. So do check back again for the other parts.

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