Review of 4 movies. Part 3, the movie Music And Lyrics

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Review of 4 movies. Part 3, the movie Music And Lyrics

This is the third review in my small movie review session. The two previous reviews were of Shooter and Sunshine.

Music and Lyrics (IMDb) (Trailers)

Saw this movie the other day and was very pleased with the whole experience. The movie should not be taken serious (few movies should) as it is a comedy. It features a great combination of Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. To make a long story very short; Hugh Grant plays the role of an old pop star who now earns his livings by singing at small events such as fairs, not a great position for the star of the 80’s. He gets a chance to write a song for THE STAR (in the movie) but got this issue; he is no good at song lyrics; writing music on the other hand is his talent. At the same time Drew Barrymore just happens to drop by to take care of his plants and it turns out she got a talent for writing lyrics. So they team up (after some hard convincing from Hugh Grant). So in very short time they have to write this song and the end result is… surprise :)

This is a movie where people laugh a lot; from the very start where you see Hugh Grant as 80’s pop star standing and wriggling his a.. eh, bottom :) and it continues to the very end. Drew acts very well (as always) but sometimes it does feel as the scripting was not great; as she does do a lot of silly things that people just don’t do. But it can all be taken with a smile as this is for FUN and not SERIOUS. The movie just brings a smile to your face and you will feel good and happy after seeing it. Can’t wait for the next Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant movie (if there will be one). The music in the movie just pops (sorry…just couldn’t write rocks as it is pop music), of course people who lived in the 80’s will recognize the style (and shake their heads) but even people that didn’t live in the 80’s will like it. Oh and yes, I got to admit it… I bought the sound track.

Next and final review will go online in a few days time, this will be a review of the movie 300 and that review will also contain the recommendations and so…

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  1. I saw the mowie to day and I love it so much.
    Normaly I dont like romantic films, but this one was so nice, that even the kids like it :)

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