Year: 2009

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Surprise mail

Last week I got snail mail from Buffalo, NY, USA and I was really like “WTF… who is that from!” First I thought it was some promotion from a game developer conference or maybe promotion from a online poker site. To my big surprise it was actually from Google! Included was a check of 102.31 […]


2009 here goes

As promised earlier this year I would write a bit about my plans/goals/aims for 2009, and as always I’m late (sorry) with the blog entry. This was probably the longest delay ever seen on this blog. But here goes: I have decided (Did earlier this year) not to set any specific goals for 2009, nothing […]


Goodbye to 2008

Goodbye to 2008 and Happy New Year to everybody out there. Oh dear, yet another year passed. At the start of 2008 I made a post here on the blog about my goals for 2008 (click here to read it), still makes me smile that I called it 2007 and the link does say 2007, […]

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