Johnny Cash and Wet Trailer

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Johnny Cash and Wet Trailer

In mid October I saw the trailer/teaser for the upcoming game Wet (Sierra Entertainment, Artificial Mind); what made this trailer stand out compared to other game trailers was not that it features a good looking woman or that it was a violent trailer. Nope, seen that too often now, what made it stand out for me was the music and the way it was all put together (good choreography).

The Music

While talking to a friend of mine who also works in the games business and I mentioned the trailer and that it would be great if they released a sound track; as I really liked the music and wanted to have it. I got an almost instant reply from him:

Johnny Cash: God’s Gonna Cut You Down

This surprised me; that he knew that one as I don’t know any music from Johnny Cash; just know him from TV and Radio. Anyway, 10 min later and a few checks on iTunes and I had my first Johnny Cash track (well, 3 of them).

I have since heard it many times and it is currently the track in iTunes I have listened too most. I got into a habit of starting each day or when I return the PC with listing to this track.

Does beauty matter?

Does it improve the game in anyway that the hero is a beautiful lady? I would say it does not but then again, it does not degrade the quality.

Do people get connected to the character of such games? Do they feel related to the character or do they feel associated with it? If so, then it would make more sense if the hero was a guy, as most gamers are guys.

Watch it

Check the trailer and maybe you will have it the same way; would also like to hear what people think about the trailer and the combination of: Beautiful woman, violent killing, great music and having a bath.

If you like the style of the trailer then do also visit the web site for the game:

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