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DoomCube logoMy good friend Paul Conway finally got his web site live today; I have been following the creation of it over the last few weeks and got to admit that the final result is pretty good.

Background on Paul is that he is a freelance graphics artist; specialized in game art/graphics but this does not mean it is all he can do. I have seen logos, CD/vinyl covers, concept art, emoticons and even corporate ID material (business cards) from him. You better check with him directly for a full list ;-)

I had a chance to work directly with Paul when he was at Nephin and got to say that he is one of the few graphics artist that are easy to work with (from a programmers viewpoint). Guess a lot of graphics artist will be getting on my case after this. Never mind that, I can take it.

His site (nice name) only got some of his portfolio online at the moment; this is the 2D section but there will be more added later; 3D art, illustrations, design… So do check back from time to time.

Hope there will come a time again where we get a chance to work together on a project.

(The site is very ……… red).

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  1. Hi Mike.

    Yup, got to agree. I mentioned the comment to Paul and he was happy that you liked it.
    So in case you need an artist then you know where to go to

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