Month: December 2007


Jokes: Prison Vs Work

I just saw following Prison Vs Work jokes over at jDonuts and just had to mention it. To mention just one of them: IN PRISON…you must deal with sadistic wardens. AT WORK…they are called managers The jokes are all a bit too true and that’s a bit scary but I will at any time choose […]


Come on, turn that computer off

Oh no, don’t turn the computer off now, do read this first. Lot’s of people don’t turn their computers off when they are finished with them; either at home or at their work place. This is just something I don’t understand. I’m pretty sure they turn their TV, Radio and lights off (in most cases), […]


Down under and why not up over

One of my friends (whom I also work with) lives in Australia and I hear him from time to time use the expression “Down under”, such as “That’s all from down under” and I have also used it myself as “How goes down under?” As most people know; ‘down under’ refers to Australia (and New […]

WWW is live

My good friend Paul Conway finally got his web site live today; I have been following the creation of it over the last few weeks and got to admit that the final result is pretty good. Background on Paul is that he is a freelance graphics artist; specialized in game art/graphics but this does not […]


Johnny Cash and Wet Trailer

In mid October I saw the trailer/teaser for the upcoming game Wet (Sierra Entertainment, Artificial Mind); what made this trailer stand out compared to other game trailers was not that it features a good looking woman or that it was a violent trailer. Nope, seen that too often now, what made it stand out for […]


Christmas time and contest time

So here we are; December already started so time to prepare for Christmas. Sure most retail stores had Christmas in their stores for awhile but the online world is also in Christmas mood. One of them is with their All I want for Christmas Giveaway I suggest all readers of this blog from the […]

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