Yet another broken XBox 360

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Yet another broken XBox 360

In the previous post from 13th of November (Repaired XBox 360 Returned Today) I mentioned that Mario won the race about getting his XBox 360 back. Quick summary, my XBox died and so did Mario’s. We both got in contact with Microsoft on the same day so we had a little race about who would get the XBox 360 back first. Mario got his back earlier, probably because they both got sent to the same place in Germany, so mine was delayed a bit due to customs.

So all were happy, just until yesterday where Mario told me that he YET again had problems with his XBox. So he contacted them AGAIN and is now he is waiting for his fifth XBox 360 within ONE year.

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They did mention they would give him a total new XBox 360, with the latest chips and cooling. But if you ask me, then they should give him a XBox 360 Elite, with 120GB HD and the HDMI port.

So what does Mario do while waiting for his new XBox, he buys Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii. Reminds me, I have had the game for close to two weeks now and I didn’t even try it.

Hope the new XBox will return soon to him and that he will no longer have problems with it.

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