is live

My good friend Paul Conway finally got his web site live today; I have been following the creation of it over the last few weeks and got to admit that the final result is pretty good. Background on Paul is that he is a freelance graphics artist; specialized in game art/graphics but this does not mean it is all he can do. I have seen logos, CD/vinyl covers, concept art, emoticons and even corporate ID material (business cards) from him.…

Johnny Cash and Wet Trailer

In mid October I saw the trailer/teaser for the upcoming game Wet (Sierra Entertainment, Artificial Mind); what made this trailer stand out compared to other game trailers was not that it features a good looking woman or that it was a violent trailer. Nope, seen that too often now, what made it stand out for me was the music and the way it was all put together (good choreography). The Music While talking to a friend of mine who also…

Amazon and impressive $0.01 discount on iPod touch

I guess that everybody would like to get the best price when they buy an iPod touch; often you don't find any special offers as Apple controls the prices. Sure we had a case recently with a newly opened store here in Switzerland where they were offering a 10% discount on all items in their shops, including iPod. I was very close to ordering one but decided to wait a bit. The discount of 10% is not something to laugh…

Christmas time and contest time

So here we are; December already started so time to prepare for Christmas. Sure most retail stores had Christmas in their stores for awhile but the online world is also in Christmas mood. One of them is with their All I want for Christmas Giveaway I suggest all readers of this blog from the US to head over to their website right away and get lucky. The contest does not require any purchase; all you need to enter the…

Amazon Kindle, amazing and impossible for me to get

Amazon Kindle
There have been written a lot about Amazon Kindlebut it was first today I got around to checking it out myself. What I mean with ‘checking it out’ was not checking the hardware itself but reading about it on Amazon’s Kindle web site. So don’t consider this been a real review of the Kindle as I just don’t have access to one.

So let me give you my impression of the Kindle. I will also explain why it is impossible for me to get :-(

If any of you have had some experience with the Kindle then please leave a few comments about what you think about it and if it is worth getting.

Let your mind fly, while doing the dishes

Get the most out of trivial tasks

Now you might think that I’m about to post about doing the dishes, and that I lost my mind. Answers to that is yes, no, yes… The real subject of this post is not about doing the dishes but how to get the most out of the time you spend doing the trivial tasks such as doing the dishes.

Me and doing dishes

Yes, I have to admit it: I don’t mind doing the dishes. This does not mean that I love to do the dishes but I guess I’m one of the few on the planet that can actually enjoy it. Most people hate it and feel it is a waste of time (See below how to get saved).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not collecting dishes for a whole week to just have a laugh doing them during the weekend. It’s a daily task for me and no I don’t have a dish washer, would ruin the fun.

Daniels experience with iPhone

Daniel Klein is a proud owner of an iPhone which he bought 11 days ago. He is so happy about it that he blogged about it; see the post here, sorry but it is in German. Wonder when he will switch 100% to English. Almost sounds as if he is in love with it; just hope his girlfriend understands :-) It might also just be the touching he likes: Das Feeling, besonders das des Displays wenn man darüber streicht, ist…

Yet another broken XBox 360

In the previous post from 13th of November (Repaired XBox 360 Returned Today) I mentioned that Mario won the race about getting his XBox 360 back. Quick summary, my XBox died and so did Mario's. We both got in contact with Microsoft on the same day so we had a little race about who would get the XBox 360 back first. Mario got his back earlier, probably because they both got sent to the same place in Germany, so mine…

Repaired XBox 360 Returned Today

As mentioned some weeks ago (XBox 360 repair time) my XBox 360 had entered the Red Ring of Death and wasn't working at all. So I got in touch with the XBox support people and got arranged for the XBox to be repaired. All roads of Broken XBox's leads to Teleplan Germany My friend Mario from Germany had the same issue (again) with a broken XBox and also contacted Microsoft the same day as I did, his got picked up…

Kids, logic, games and most of all Super Paper Mario

I recently started playing Super Paper Mario on Nintendo Wii and got to say that this game impresses me more than any other game have done for a long time. Sure you should not compare the game to World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online as it is rather... Hmmm... Different. Guess you can only compare it to other Super Mario games but even here it is different and I'm not only talking about the flipping between 2D…