Blood donation

It is just crazy what I do to loose weight, even went to donate blood today to loose a bit. No, just kidding of course. They actually called me yesterday at the blood donation center in Basel to ask if I could pass by, they needed my blood type (blood group). My blood is of type O negative which is not that common (See Wikipedia). This is of course not first time for me but to my shock I realized…

Consoles: Current, previous and Next-Gen mess

I just came across following headline "Xbox 360 to win next-gen console race?" over at and no I'm not writing this to pick on them but it was just the very last case of generation mess I saw. I notice this issue many times before. So it is about Xbox 360 and winning the next generation console race. EXCUSE ME but Xbox 360 is NOT next-gen and don't get me wrong neither is PS3 or Nintendo Wii. They are…

The Golden Compass: Movie vs Book

2008-01-13: Updated: Thanks to the comment from Rach who made me look into the real title of the book. I mentioned earlier that it was change from Northern Lights into The Golden Compass when it became a movie. This I found out is not correct, I went to the authors website (Philip Pullman) and interesting enough, the page for His Darkest Materials does list the first book as "Northern Lights" but when it was released in the US it was…

Some small changes to

Happy New Year

Guess it is a bit late but since this is the first post in 2008 I would like to take the chance and wish the readers of my blog a Happy New Year.

I hope the people who set New Year resolutions and goals for 2008 didn’t give up yet. I’m still sticking with mine but the year just started.


Let me go over the small changes that I did recently. People who come here regular (you do, right?) might have noticed the changes already; but let me sum it all up:

No Real New Year Resolution but goals for 2008

Update: Thanks to Henrik for noticing that the title of the blog entry was ‘….2007′ and not ‘…2008′ as it should be.. Shame on me.

I was never much into New Year resolutions, often they sounded as bad excuses for delaying something you already could get started with, such as “In 2008 I’m going to stop smoking” (This was just an example, I never ever smoked). Why wait until 2008, when you can start NOW. Anyway, I want to setup some goals for myself in 2008 and why not share them with you. This also puts some pressure on me.

Sure many of these can be taken as New Year resolutions as nothing stops me moving forward with the goals NOW. I do believe it is important to have goals for the future, as long as they are realistic, so if I say ‘Goal for 2008 is to get into space’ then I will probably have to disappoint myself (So I will wait with that till 2009).

Goals for 2008

Jokes: Prison Vs Work

I just saw following Prison Vs Work jokes over at jDonuts and just had to mention it. To mention just one of them: IN must deal with sadistic wardens. AT WORK...they are called managers The jokes are all a bit too true and that's a bit scary but I will at any time choose work over prison. Head over to the jDonuts Jokes for more good fun.

Monitors on My Mind, I need a Square Monitor

Update: On the 30th of December 2010 I posted a follow up on this blog post, find it here.

I have often been wondering why monitors are like they are; why don’t they make square monitors.

Let’s have a look at previous/current monitors and why I think that wide screen monitors often are no good.

There does exist monitors with other resolutions than the below mentioned once, specially if you look at the notebooks, but the once below are the most common desktop monitor.

Come on, turn that computer off

Oh no, don’t turn the computer off now, do read this first.

Lot’s of people don’t turn their computers off when they are finished with them; either at home or at their work place. This is just something I don’t understand.

I’m pretty sure they turn their TV, Radio and lights off (in most cases), so why do they leave their PC on?

Giveaway at The Thinking Blog with a real prize

If you are a blogger then head over to The Thinking Blog's latest giveaway In this giveaway they have a pretty cool prize, and no, it is not a free WordPress theme or some free advertisement. No, this time the prize is nothing less that a rugged & water resistant laptop from Ruff PC, the Laptop they are giving away is the RuffBook Tech, which actually got some pretty nice specs. This is a perfect Laptop if you like to…

Down under and why not up over

One of my friends (whom I also work with) lives in Australia and I hear him from time to time use the expression "Down under", such as "That's all from down under" and I have also used it myself as "How goes down under?" As most people know; 'down under' refers to Australia (and New Zealand) but why? I mean, down under could also be South America or South Africa but nope, that is just not the case. The Wikipedia…