Amazon and impressive $0.01 discount on iPod touch

I guess that everybody would like to get the best price when they buy an iPod touch; often you don't find any special offers as Apple controls the prices. Sure we had a case recently with a newly opened store here in Switzerland where they were offering a 10% discount on all items in their shops, including iPod. I was very close to ordering one but decided to wait a bit. The discount of 10% is not something to laugh…

Amazon Kindle, amazing and impossible for me to get

Amazon Kindle
There have been written a lot about Amazon Kindlebut it was first today I got around to checking it out myself. What I mean with ‘checking it out’ was not checking the hardware itself but reading about it on Amazon’s Kindle web site. So don’t consider this been a real review of the Kindle as I just don’t have access to one.

So let me give you my impression of the Kindle. I will also explain why it is impossible for me to get :-(

If any of you have had some experience with the Kindle then please leave a few comments about what you think about it and if it is worth getting.

Time to get a high-tech binocular

My son just got a small simple binocular in birthday present. This brought back memories of when I was a kid, my dad had this big and heavy binocular that I often borrowed to watch animals in the area we lived or even better, look at the moon, amazing how you can see the craters at the edge between light and dark. We even looked at various nebular clouds and to my big surprise; if the weather is good then…

Time to reduce the consumption of batteries with USBCell

I don't know if this is normal, but I feel that I'm buying batteries very often. Of course it matters that I have two kids which have several toys that needs batteries but still it scares me a bit when I see how many I bring back to recycling from time to time. If I think about the devices I got that uses batteries then the list is not short of course, just to mention a few of them: GameBoy…