Daniels experience with iPhone

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Daniels experience with iPhone

Daniel Klein is a proud owner of an iPhone which he bought 11 days ago. He is so happy about it that he blogged about it; see the post here, sorry but it is in German. Wonder when he will switch 100% to English.

Almost sounds as if he is in love with it; just hope his girlfriend understands :-) It might also just be the touching he likes:

Das Feeling, besonders das des Displays wenn man darüber streicht, ist einfach sensationell.

Interesting what he writes about the ‘unlimited’ deal with T-Mobile and the free hotspots from T-Mobile. Hope that we will have such options when it one day arrives here in Switzerland; I could easy imagine myself going more to Starbucks if I had free iPhone wifi access from there.

He is so far the only one I know who have an iPhone but some of my other friends got the iPod touch and they all are very happy about them. So here I am all alone without iPod and iPhone. Sure I could buy an unlocked iPhone in Germany for the insane price of €999 but that is beyond my budget.

So this leaves me with either waiting for years for the iPhone to arrive here in Switzerland or settle with an iPod touch. I was SO close last weekend to get the iPod touch as a local store had 10% discount. In last second I decided to wait a bit longer, need the money for Christmas. So I will be without iPod/iPhone for at least the rest of this year.

So until the time comes for me to get one I will just have to listen to Daniel talk about how great the iPhone is. I’m sure he will be blogging more about it in the future, so keep an eye on his blog. (I will try to convince him to write the next one in English).

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