Kids, logic, games and most of all Super Paper Mario

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Kids, logic, games and most of all Super Paper Mario

I recently started playing Super Paper Mario on Nintendo Wii and got to say that this game impresses me more than any other game have done for a long time.

Sure you should not compare the game to World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online as it is rather… Hmmm… Different.

Guess you can only compare it to other Super Mario games but even here it is different and I’m not only talking about the flipping between 2D and 3D (got to love that) but the visuals and the story is brilliant. I sure understand why the game got 10/10 some places. I’m sure that I will be playing this Mario game more than any other previous Mario game; until I get Super Mario Galaxy.

Anyway, I only played the first 3 worlds and just had to show the games to the kids the other day. Here I ran into one issue, the game got SO MUCH text; both as introduction; story telling and while you are playing. I told them to skip it as quickly as possible and told them what they needed to know. They had no problem with this and I’m not sure they would have followed the concept of dimensions and the whole void taking over the world.

So here we are; playing the first levels. My son understood the good old digital controls right away and often checked with the Wiimote if there where hidden objects. The flipping between 2d and 3d was also no issue for him, sure I do have to remind him from time to time to check in 3D but he got it sorted. Now with controlling two characters, having 2 Pixi’s to choose from it starts to get more tricky.

Then after awhile we got to the first real big end boss. Do not continue reading if you don’t want the solution to passing this end boss (flying dragon). I showed him the big red flying dragon and told him the story about it when I played it earlier. I spent don’t know how many hit points trying to hit the antenna on the head of it; NO success at all.

So I ended my first day with Super Paper Mario been annoyed and just turned off. The day after Google helped me ;-)

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Anyway, as I said, I showed the dragon to my son and he was like: “yeah, that’s cool… How about you jump up on his back” I just froze in motion; put the game on pause and looked him deep in the eyes. I told him that I’m impressed with his logic thinking and that I never got that idea myself. Either that tells something about him and games or it tells something bad about me and games.

So we did this and got pass the dragon; played some more yesterday and finished the hamster part ;-)

Point of the story is ‘never underestimate kids and their thinking/logic’. They keep on surprising me again and again, not only in games but in all areas.

4 thoughts on “Kids, logic, games and most of all Super Paper Mario

  1. HEY! Thanks for visiting my blog, I added an RSS feed just for you. I am still new to the ‘real’ world of blogging. I have been using a comminity site (Open Diary) for nearly ten years, this is a lot different!

    I never got into console gaming. I perfer my PC. I do play LoTR online. I also played EVE and Earth and Beyond before that. But the Wii does look interesting!

  2. I play Mario clones online all the time. I haven’t played the “real” thing since I was 16 and got the Nintendo 64. I really think the last platform game I played was one called Paper Boy- it was a kid riding a bike, delivering papers and he had to avoid dogs and breaking windows etc. At the end he had to do tricks on his bike. Man, I can’t believe I remember the premise of the game lol

  3. Beth (and Leigh) it is about time to grow up :-) and save up for a Wii and get on with the next part of your life, the Wii part. Kidding (kind of), there are some great games on Wii but it sure depend on what games you are in to. I mean, comparing LoTR and Super Paper Mario (or any Wii game really) is just not fair. Oh, I played World of Warcraft and LoTR earlier also but found them too time confusing.
    Good old Paper boy, if you liked that game then it shows you got style. I played it on Commodore C64, many many many years ago.

  4. Do you remember River Raid? I have found ONE online version that came a little close to the original. My mom and I would play on my old Atari (whatever number it was, my first computer), and hit each other’s hands to make the other crash into the sides lol

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