Repaired XBox 360 Returned Today

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Repaired XBox 360 Returned Today

As mentioned some weeks ago (XBox 360 repair time) my XBox 360 had entered the Red Ring of Death and wasn’t working at all. So I got in touch with the XBox support people and got arranged for the XBox to be repaired.

All roads of Broken XBox’s leads to Teleplan Germany

My friend Mario from Germany had the same issue (again) with a broken XBox and also contacted Microsoft the same day as I did, his got picked up earlier than mine and arrived at the repair center pretty quickly after. It turned out that my XBox also got sent to the same place as his, so to Teleplan in Germany. It seems that Teleplan is the company handling XBox repairs for Europe (I did some searching and saw that people from none Germany speaking countries also got their sent to Teleplan in Germany), but this does not mean that the repair is handled there as some people wrote that their XBox got resend to Prague.

The Repair Race

So we both contacted Microsoft on the 23rd of October; he in the morning and I in the afternoon. He got his returned Thursday the 8th November and I got mine on the 13th of November. So with all the customs delays mine went through I find it went pretty quick after all; just 20 days including weekends. But Mario won the XBox repair time race.

Microsoft paying up

Microsoft once mentioned that extending the world wide guarantee to 3 years would cost them 1.5 billion USD; if I just think about all the costs for UPS then I get scared. I mean, they send an empty box; they pay for shipment of the broken XBox and of course the repaired XBox. The invoices I have here gives 52 EURO for the empty box and 60 EURO for the returned XBox, so all in all around 170 EURO just for shipment. Oh, they also gave a one month member ship to XBox Live Gold, guess that’s pretty fair as I did pay for the time the XBox was away.

Back to gaming

Never mind, I got it back and so far seems to work without problems. Just hope it will continue to do so; as I’m not in the mood to return it yet again.

So time to check the latest XBox games I got (Halo 3 & Sonic the Hedgehog) and see what else have appeared on XBox Live Arcade.

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  1. My xbox was repaired last year and it broke down again 1 mounth ago but i was still in warranty, and i was looking up my status online a few days after i sent the xbox off and i seen that they had cancelled my warranty they said the console was tampered with and they have pictures so they sent it back un-repaired so i phone xbox support to try get some answers but they said they had pics of the damage to the machine and that the warranty seal was broken but the only people to open the console was the repair center, what do you think i should do because i know i didnt tamper with my own machine. im trying to get the phone number of the repair center, can you help

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