Amazon and impressive $0.01 discount on iPod touch

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Amazon and impressive $0.01 discount on iPod touch

I guess that everybody would like to get the best price when they buy an iPod touch; often you don’t find any special offers as Apple controls the prices. Sure we had a case recently with a newly opened store here in Switzerland where they were offering a 10% discount on all items in their shops, including iPod. I was very close to ordering one but decided to wait a bit. The discount of 10% is not something to laugh at, but something else a friend of mine just had to laugh about yesterday was and their VERY special price for Apple 16 GB iPod touch

Let the picture tell the story:

iPod touch Amazon

A total saving of $0.01; made me feel like buying one extra iPod just to take advantage of the discount… NOT :-)

6 thoughts on “Amazon and impressive $0.01 discount on iPod touch

  1. What’s so funny about the .01 discount- last year about this time I bought TWO Motorola Razrs for, guess what? .01 cent each-through Amazon lol

  2. LOL.. I remember reading a lot about some contracts Verizon (I think.. or was it Sprint) did for “a lot of data” for just .01 cent, but they f… up because what they meant was 0.01 USD.. If you said you bought a phone for .01 cent, then thats $0.0001 and that’s pretty cheap. But sure even if you did pay 0.01 USD (thats one cent) it would still be cheap, but the iPod touch discount is only.. discount :)
    Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Think about it, if you get 50 of them then you saved half a $ :-)

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