Christmas time and contest time

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Christmas time and contest time

So here we are; December already started so time to prepare for Christmas. Sure most retail stores had Christmas in their stores for awhile but the online world is also in Christmas mood. One of them is with their All I want for Christmas Giveaway

I suggest all readers of this blog from the US to head over to their website right away and get lucky. The contest does not require any purchase; all you need to enter the contest is to give name, email, address (Guess you do want to receive the prize in case you win). You then invite up to 5 friends to the contest (If you win, then they also win).

The prize is not set in stone but instead a gift card worth $1,000.00 is given each day to the lucky winner (and the winners 5 friends). They also got a grand price of $5,000.00 for one lucky person. got tons and tons of interesting items for sale (keep in mind: you don’t have top buy anything, unless of course you win). Jewelry, watches, electronic, furniture… So selecting the winning price is not easy.

I had a look to see what I would choose in case I won and I ended up with something I have been considering for a long time; nothing less that a Toshiba 37″ LCD screen. Guess this would be great for gaming. Ah, I would feel good if I won that; would even leave money for a few books.

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