Low Carb week, Day 2

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Low Carb week, Day 2

Let’s get right to it. Todays meals, actually, yesterdays meal :-) (First post in this new series can be found here post #1)


419 calorie
419 calories for a tasty breakfast, yes, please.

As so often I started the day with an omelet for breakfast. This time with 2 eggs with some sweet pepper mixed into it. Some chicken from yesterday, cheese and a fried tomato.


For lunch I had a pre-made salad with me, often I try to avoid these as I think it is crazy how much plastic is used for the container, with separate mini containers for fork, dressing, chicken and so forth. But got it from a friend so no bitching this time :-)

Presenting: Hawaii & Pasta

Around 350 calories

Not the most exciting salad but I had worse. It had a few pieces of pineapple and some chicken. Not sure what the pasta/noodles was about, just different. According to MyFitnessPal it got 350 calories and 32 grams of carb, my calculations gave less but guess they didn’t add the dressing on the Foot Fact note.

Late Dinner

Got home a bit late but took my time for cooking, actually started with a shake (See below). Then it was cooking time, the meal was simple but time consuming. Some fried meat and on the other pan I friend a mixture of cauliflower-rice, sweet pepper, lots of spinach, onion and some coconut.

2014-12-09 21.36.26

Just a word about cauliflower-rice, I read about it before but never tried it until my sister recommended it. So easy to make, just shred some cauliflower with a hand-held grater, leave in some bigger pieces (..just what I like..) and that’s about it. I don’t cook it but just fry it on the pan together with other things. Just be carefully, it can end up rather dry.

Had a nice long day so decided to enjoy a beer together with the food. Not a bad idea if I have to say it myself.

2014-12-09 21.38.19

So dinner ended up with a total of 612 calories, yes, including the beer.


During work I got hungry and decide for a small snack, in the past this could have been bread or chocolate but not any more (Well, sometimes…)

So bought 200 grams of cottage cheese, yammy, really enjoyed it.

2014-12-09 16.09.31

As mentioned, I had a shake when I came home from work, some take a glass of whine while cooking (yes, I do so too, sometimes) but I had a nice shake

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 24.49.43

(Hmmm, not the best picture).

Shake was inspired by the High-Protein Berry Shake from my favourite low carb website Low-Carb Diet Advice. My shake includes 60 grams of frozen blueberries, 120ml Coconut Milk, 10 grams of protein powder (Strawberry taste) and some artificial sweetener, finished off with some water. Second time I made it, taste really good but needs some tweaking I think. A bit high in calories with 316 and 13 grams of carb but sometimes you just have to ignore that and enjoy.

Nutrition information for the day

Had a lot today so ended way over my goal, actually ended at 1901 calories, then with a bit walking I ended up with… damn it.. minus 33 ;-) But no regrets, don’t even dare to think how it was in the past… But if I continue so I will be DOWN to 81.1 kg in 5 weeks, so maybe I should continue like this ;-)

2014-12-10 01.00.54

Yeah, guess that’s okay.

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