Low Carb week, Day 3

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Low Carb week, Day 3

Another day, another Low Carb day. Wednesday the 10th of December, 2014. (Previous posts in this new series can be found here post #1, post #2)


I was in a bit of hurry this morning, so no cooking. Just some low carb müsli/cereal. I used to eat normal müsli/cereal a lot in the past but strangely enough I don’t miss it but I have to admit, sometimes it is nice to get something else that omelet, also something quicker. So I recently bought two different kinds of low carb cereal.

They don’t taste bad but they surely also not awesome. Maybe that’s good as I then don’t take an extra portion or take some for snack.

Anyway, today I had this one:

2014-12-10 09.38.32

With milk it was just 356 calories, nothing to complain about (except that it does not taste sweet).


I did cut some chicken at home but due to the stress I forgot it, so I settled for salad with cheese (Like the other day) but got some cherry tomatoes also to pimp it up a bit.

2014-12-10 12.28.43

Just around 420 calories.


For dinner I made a burger without the bun of course. I use lettuce as replacement; iceberg is the one that works best for me. I did try with the hard part of Chinese cabbage before, what a mess. You bite into the burger and the meat just slides out due to the cabbage pressing it down/away.

2014-12-10 21.19.39

So a burger made with iceberg, tomato, cucumber, cheese and some mayonnaise. Not the best one I made but was okay, and just 327 calories!


During work I had a few pieces of Kägi Fret :-)

At home I had another shake like yesterday, totally yummy.

2014-12-10 19.39.40

Total calories for snacks today was around 475. Those few pieces of Kägi Fret took 160 of them. Hardcore, in the past I would have eaten half a package.

Nutrition information for the day

Ended with 244 calories leftover according to MyFitnessPal (Hmm, could have had more snack).

2014-12-10 23.30.07

Seems the new update of the app does not show negative numbers in read any more!

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