Low Carb week, Day 1

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Low Carb week, Day 1

Since I have been on low carb diet for quiet some time now I thought it would be an idea to share information about what I do eat during a normal week. So for the next week I will do a daily blog entry with photos of the meals and some nutrition information, as well as other comments ;-) Not planning any receipts but I will mention what is in the various meals.

As mention in the previous post I track all meals with MyFitnessPal.com (Their iOS app), so end of each day I will be able to share the daily nutrition overview. Whenever I ‘end’ the day with the app it will tell me how my weight will be in 5 weeks, if every day was like the day I just ended. I had have some cases where it didn’t allow me to finish the day, as I didn’t eat enough calories, even had one warning about starvation mode. Feels pretty strange when that shows up, as I never feel hungry at the end of the day.

So let’s get started.

Low Carb Week, day 1, Monday the 8th of December.


This was a great way to start the day, and often how I start it. Almost always have omelet but different variations.

2014-12-08 07.09.31
478 calories total for breakfast

So what I had was a 2 egg omelet, with some melted chess and ham inside, plus fresh spinach (I never bought spinach before I started low carb), oh and 3 pieces of bacon. Yes, you ready that correct, a diet that includes bacon. Funny enough for a Dane, I never bought bacon before! So low carb, low calories and full YAMMY.

In the past I often had cereal or if I was late for work, I would just buy some bread or yogurt.


Our office is in the city center so with lots of restaurants within walking distance, but they are often too expensive and takes too much time. So in the past I would just go to a close-by shop and buy sandwich or two, sometimes some fast-food noodles or so. But now I’m often just buying some mixed salad and add dressing myself. Sometimes I also bring some chicken from home or just get some cheese with the salad. Today was such a day, does not look of much but I do like it

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 23.19.54 PM
Lunch with just 387 calories


I often have some meat or chicken, or just salad with tuna. Side-dish is often broccoli, spinach or salad. Not as in the past, pasta and pasta and some more pasta, interrupted by pizza.

Today was delicious:

2014-12-08 18.39.39
OMG just 378 calories

Chicken, lots of broccoli, sweet pepper (Bell pepper) and with some cucumber. Nice big portion but at the same time very low on calories and carb.


Yes, never forget to track the snacks. Oh, I did forget to add the 3 small homemade cookies from my daughter, but since today was low in calories and carb I decided to go with another snack.

2014-12-08 22.53.07

Not going to explain what it is but I sure like it. It does have 210 calories and 28.7 grams of carbs but it was worth it.

Nutrition information for the day

Total of 49 grabs of carb, this qualifies for low carb I would say. Pretty crazy when you consider that the snack I had takes up 28.7 grams of it!

2014-12-08 23.26.37


What is not shown here is the total amount of calories, which ended up at 1453, with a goal defined my the MyFitnessPal app of 1560 cal, add 550 calories due to exercises, so still got 657 more, but no need to push it to the limit.

According to MyFitnessPal I’ll be down to 77.9 kg in 5 weeks but that’s not going to happen.

Another successful day came to the end.


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