To Blog or Not To Blog

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To Blog or Not To Blog

My last blog entry started with “About three years ago (end of 2007)” and I was like, oh, as time passes and then realized that since that blog entry there have passed almost 3 years.

I have often been thinking that I really should start blogging again as I really enjoyed it earlier. Sometimes a subject/theme comes up and I think “I should really blog about this” and then nothing happens. Rather strange :-) But often I also think, what should I really blog about.. Let’s try a few subjects:

  • Blogging
    Nah, can’t write about something that I don’t do
  • Poker
    Ah, my big obsession but as long as I’m at the level I am and without any big scores (yet) I better stay away from it. Don’t want people to know what fish I am ;-)
  • Blogging for money
    Yeah, let me blog about how to get rich from blogging. I mean, over the many years I earned a bit more than $ 200. So I better not blog about this
  • Life
    Blogging about my life. That would just be sad and depressing
  • Games
    Well, I play two games only, Subway Surfers on the iPhone and Lord of the Rings Online on the Mac, so not much to say there. Sure I could write: Today I was running around killing orcs and goblins, and then I was riding a bit and did the same.. Oh dear, that sounds boring ;-)
  • Game development
    My old obsession but I somehow grew out of that. I’m still following game dev a bit but just a tiny bit. From time to time I do think it would be great to develop a small game again but I just can’t find the time (or motivation)
  • Software development / work
    I’m doing software development at work but honestly nothing wild to write about. So I will skip this
  • Health
    Something I never wrote about before, but let’s see, might not be a bad idea at all…

First of all, before I continue with more blog entries I will have to clean up here on the blog. Already been through 700 spam comments, just another 1000 to go. Then plugin update time. Then check if there are new plugins to be installed, clean up in links, maybe remove some old posts.

So is this YET ANOTHER KICKSTART OF THE BLOG, yeah, guess it is, but as always no promises.

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