Jokes: Prison Vs Work

4 thoughts on “Jokes: Prison Vs Work

  1. I’d have to weigh my options carefully. In prison, you get 3 free meals a day, cable tv, free college courses, free health care, and you don’t pay rent or a mortgage. Let’s see what do I get by working- a paycheck that disappears as soon as I get it, nosy co-workers, supervisors who are idiots and a 6×6 cubicle. Makes prison sound pretty good.

  2. Beth, just keep one thing in mind.. There is one serious issue: NO BLOGGING from prison. Well, I guess that’s the case.
    So you better stay out of prison.

  3. Hi, I know this is off topic but I love the little man icon that is dancing in the browser! How can I do that for my blog? Its so cute!!

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