Time to include an Amusement Park visit for next holiday

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Time to include an Amusement Park visit for next holiday

I was not expecting that I today would be sitting and thinking about the next holiday for me and the kids but I just did that right now.

We have been to a few amusement parks in Germany and Denmark before and the kids love it. So when I saw the Amusement Parks in Blackpool, Britain then I got ideas. I checked their site and was impressed. They got a lot of riders and attractions (more than 125) and shows. There are a lot of wild and crazy roller coasters and other thrill rides, something the kids love (and their dad also). The park is not only about wild rides but they also got a lot of family friendly rides, always good to relax between the other rides and just have a good time.

The location also seems to be rather nice, 4 hours drive from London. A perfect family trip would be a few days in London and then some days in Blackpool. To ease this the park got their own hotel, so get up in the morning, have break fast, go to the park all day and just walk back to the hotel to have a good evening. Could it be more perfect!

Oh, nothing is free of course but after having a look at their prices and don’t see that as a holiday stopper, all pretty fair.

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One thought on “Time to include an Amusement Park visit for next holiday

  1. Please. God. NO!

    Blackpool is an absolute dump, a truly horrible nasty place. The Pleasure Beach is a tacky naff scum hole, and the only ride worth going on is The Big One (incredibly scary), the rest are archaic, falling to pieces or closed. And I haven’t even started on the people yet. Please please please don’t go there.

    If you want to go to an amusement park, the UK’s best is Alton Towers. Plus, it’s only 2 hours from London (and 30 minutes from me! ;) it’s in the middle of some very picturesque country side, and there’s also plenty of other things to do in the area. The same can’t be said for Blackpool.

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