Choosing a hotel in the UK

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Choosing a hotel in the UK

I have been on holiday and on business trips to the UK several times, often in London. Each time the main issue before the trip was: What hotel to stay in. So time to use the search engines and check if I could find a suitable hotel, in the correct area and within my budget. In the end I ended up with several hotels that I then contacted, either by their web sites or by email. So this is not always an easy task.

Some might say you get what you pay for, and sure if you pay for a 4 star hotel then the quality of the hotel will match, but for cheaper hotels you will have to count on luck. I have been places where the service was shocking, the breakfast offers was a joke. You just never know.
What is important for me is: Clean rooms, nice location, friendly staff, simple but nice breakfast and of course the price. I also like the hotel to have a good selection of facilities. This is special the case if I stay for a longer time, then a swimming pool is a great thing to have. Having a TV in the room is almost always standard and a nice thing, after spending all day on your feet walking the town it is great to relax with a good movie.

There are several web sites that make it a lot easier to search through hotels, one of the interesting ones is UK Hotel Reservations and Bookings Not only do they list a lot of hotels but they have integrated great features for making it easier to limit the list of hotels that suits the person booking.

One neat service they offer is special ‘breaks’. So in case you take a break and go to a hotel then why not combine it with something special. Such as a theater or museum visit, romantic break, a shopping break or a Gourmet break (One I will consider).

So next time I go to the UK I will start my hotel search will start at UK Hotel Reservations and Bookings

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