Monitors on My Mind, I need a Square Monitor, part 2

About three years ago (end of 2007) I wrote about monitors and square monitors (See here). I received a good few comments on that (Sorry people, first got some of them approved recently). Instead of giving feedback on the comments directly in the comment section I decided to write a new blog post, as things have changed a bit since then and I thought it would be fair to give feedback and some updates. My monitor setup and future wishes have changed from back in 2007. Lot’s have also happened on the monitor market but still no real square monitor available.

Consoles: Current, previous and Next-Gen mess

I just came across following headline "Xbox 360 to win next-gen console race?" over at and no I'm not writing this to pick on them but it was just the very last case of generation mess I saw. I notice this issue many times before. So it is about Xbox 360 and winning the next generation console race. EXCUSE ME but Xbox 360 is NOT next-gen and don't get me wrong neither is PS3 or Nintendo Wii. They are…

Monitors on My Mind, I need a Square Monitor

Update: On the 30th of December 2010 I posted a follow up on this blog post, find it here.

I have often been wondering why monitors are like they are; why don’t they make square monitors.

Let’s have a look at previous/current monitors and why I think that wide screen monitors often are no good.

There does exist monitors with other resolutions than the below mentioned once, specially if you look at the notebooks, but the once below are the most common desktop monitor.

Second graphics card for Apple Mac Pro with Boot Camp

In a previous post I mentioned some wishes for the final version of Boot Camp for Apple Mac Pro. One of them was better support for multiple graphics cards.

Since I had an old unused 15″ TFT I decided to ask directly at the Apple Boot Camp forums about support for ATI X 1900 XT and a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT. I didn’t get a 100% confirmation that it would work but I went ahead and bought the graphics card. In case it would not work then the graphics card would go on sale on eBay.

Follow up to my DigiMemo A501 review

This is a follow up to yesterday’s review of ACECAD DigiMemo A501 review; to be found here. The website from ACECAD is now working again and I did some checking there. I will not be updating the review but just add a link here. Software: I mentioned the lack of documentation for the software, especially for the new functions, well I was looking in the latest A501 documentation but the software is used for all the DigiMemo products. Looking at…

Review: The DigiMemo A501 from ACECAD (Digital Notepad)

There is a follow up to this review which gives an update on documentation and the new features. I also did a new test to check how hard the pen has to be pressed before it works. Find this follow up here. Review of: DigiMemo A501 Manufacturer: ACECAD Manufacturer's web site: Description: Digital notepad that makes it possible to drawn on paper and at the same time record the drawing in digital format. The A501 is a digital notepad…