XBox 360 repair time

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XBox 360 repair time

The Red Ring of Death

I finally got around calling Microsoft’s XBox 360 the other day. It went very smooth to explain the problem with ‘The Red Ring of Death’, guess it was not first time for them :-) Just had to mention the problems with the light and the girl at support took over, just one question from her (beyond identifying me) and that was about the light on the power supply. A good friend of mine had already mentioned this so I had the answer ready; he also called Microsoft the same day, to get this 4th XBox 360.

So now I’m waiting for UPS to show up with cardboard box so I can return it again with UPS. The repair time should be around 15 working days. So now the race is on with my friend, does it go faster in Germany or here in Switzerland.

Game ordering of the day

I don’t expect any problems with the repair/replacement so I went ahead today and ordered Halo 3 and Sonic Hedgehog for XBox 360. Sonic Hedgehog is more for my son than it is for me; I never liked the Sonic games after they went 3D. I remember getting the game for Dreamcast but only played it a few times. But my son plays the demo often and since the game dropped a good bit in I decided to get it also.

I also ordered Super Paper Mario for Nintendo Wii, one game I have been looking forward to for a good time. I never played the Paper Mario before so it will be rather interesting.

The final game I ordered was The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for Nintendo NDS, first Zelda game I get for hand held. My only Zelda experience was on Nintendo Wii; I never completed it but was very fascinated by it.

So time to sit back and wait for the games to arrive and then it is gaming time.

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  1. Zelda’s awesome, pretty much every single one is great. Make sure you get Link To The Past on Wii VC – probably the greatest game ever.

    Super Paper Mario… well, what can I say. Before it came out I bought Thousand Year Door (the Gamecube Paper Mario), and that was charming, exciting and addictive. Then I got SPM. I know I’m in the minority but I find it quite bland and a chore to play (just wait til the hamster wheel and you’ll see what I mean). Most people love it but I have spoken to a few people who felt underwhelmed. I hope you’re in the former group and enjoy it!

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