Consoles: Current, previous and Next-Gen mess

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Consoles: Current, previous and Next-Gen mess

I just came across following headline “Xbox 360 to win next-gen console race?” over at and no I’m not writing this to pick on them but it was just the very last case of generation mess I saw. I notice this issue many times before.

So it is about Xbox 360 and winning the next generation console race. EXCUSE ME but Xbox 360 is NOT next-gen and don’t get me wrong neither is PS3 or Nintendo Wii. They are CURRENT generation of consoles. Let us have a look:

Previous generation

  • Nintendo: Game Cube
  • Sony: PlayStation 2
  • Microsoft: Xbox

Current generation

  • Nintendo: Wii
  • Microsoft: Xbox 360

Next generation

  • Let us wait and see what they will announce in the future.

Sure there are also ‘older generations’ with Nintendo 64, PSone, SNES, Dreamcast and many more.

When PS3 and Xbox 360 was announced they became Next-Gen then they got released and therefore must be current generation of consoles.

Oh, and who is going to win the current generation race; who knows. My guess is that they will all 3 be winners, one way or another.

Anyway this is just my opinion on this. I’m sure not all will agree.

4 thoughts on “Consoles: Current, previous and Next-Gen mess

  1. Eve: I got Wii, PS3 and the 360 myself and got to say that the 360 is my favorite but Wii comes in very close as a second. PS3 is third at the moment, I dont have many games and I didn’t use it much (I see an idea for a blog post)

    Phostan: I sure hope you are wrong :-) Smell could be interesting in a game but sure depends on the game. Tasting is out of the question, unless you make Burger King games :-) Does anyone want to smell and taste the flavors of death in a shooter. I hope not.

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