Time for big changes in job and life – Part 1

At the very end of last year I wrote about goals for this year and regarding work I mentioned following:

  • What direction to go?
  • Look for new possibilities

These two subjects became serious issues recently for me which will result in some big changes for me (After been through a few changes recently). On the 1st of April (No April jokes, please) I will be starting a new job at a Technical University here in Switzerland. This will be the biggest job change for me during my 10 years here in Switzerland. This change is not only related to work but will go beyond it and result in changes for us all here (the kids, my ex-wife and myself).

Let me tell the story… This will be done in two parts, with the first one today and second tomorrow.

Blood donation

It is just crazy what I do to loose weight, even went to donate blood today to loose a bit. No, just kidding of course. They actually called me yesterday at the blood donation center in Basel to ask if I could pass by, they needed my blood type (blood group). My blood is of type O negative which is not that common (See Wikipedia). This is of course not first time for me but to my shock I realized…

No Real New Year Resolution but goals for 2008

Update: Thanks to Henrik for noticing that the title of the blog entry was ‘….2007′ and not ‘…2008′ as it should be.. Shame on me.

I was never much into New Year resolutions, often they sounded as bad excuses for delaying something you already could get started with, such as “In 2008 I’m going to stop smoking” (This was just an example, I never ever smoked). Why wait until 2008, when you can start NOW. Anyway, I want to setup some goals for myself in 2008 and why not share them with you. This also puts some pressure on me.

Sure many of these can be taken as New Year resolutions as nothing stops me moving forward with the goals NOW. I do believe it is important to have goals for the future, as long as they are realistic, so if I say ‘Goal for 2008 is to get into space’ then I will probably have to disappoint myself (So I will wait with that till 2009).

Goals for 2008

Come on, turn that computer off

Oh no, don’t turn the computer off now, do read this first.

Lot’s of people don’t turn their computers off when they are finished with them; either at home or at their work place. This is just something I don’t understand.

I’m pretty sure they turn their TV, Radio and lights off (in most cases), so why do they leave their PC on?

Down under and why not up over

One of my friends (whom I also work with) lives in Australia and I hear him from time to time use the expression "Down under", such as "That's all from down under" and I have also used it myself as "How goes down under?" As most people know; 'down under' refers to Australia (and New Zealand) but why? I mean, down under could also be South America or South Africa but nope, that is just not the case. The Wikipedia…

Christmas time and contest time

So here we are; December already started so time to prepare for Christmas. Sure most retail stores had Christmas in their stores for awhile but the online world is also in Christmas mood. One of them is Overstock.com with their All I want for Christmas Giveaway I suggest all readers of this blog from the US to head over to their website right away and get lucky. The contest does not require any purchase; all you need to enter the…

Let your mind fly, while doing the dishes

Get the most out of trivial tasks

Now you might think that I’m about to post about doing the dishes, and that I lost my mind. Answers to that is yes, no, yes… The real subject of this post is not about doing the dishes but how to get the most out of the time you spend doing the trivial tasks such as doing the dishes.

Me and doing dishes

Yes, I have to admit it: I don’t mind doing the dishes. This does not mean that I love to do the dishes but I guess I’m one of the few on the planet that can actually enjoy it. Most people hate it and feel it is a waste of time (See below how to get saved).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not collecting dishes for a whole week to just have a laugh doing them during the weekend. It’s a daily task for me and no I don’t have a dish washer, would ruin the fun.

Kids, logic, games and most of all Super Paper Mario

I recently started playing Super Paper Mario on Nintendo Wii and got to say that this game impresses me more than any other game have done for a long time. Sure you should not compare the game to World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online as it is rather... Hmmm... Different. Guess you can only compare it to other Super Mario games but even here it is different and I'm not only talking about the flipping between 2D…

If things goes wrong, then just blame it on Halo 3

Do note: I do not agree with the subject of this post :-) I just came across this YouTube video of a guy who made a song/video with that subject, how he failed in all parts of a relationship and just puts the blame on Halo 3 and Halo 2. (Hope it was not a true story). I had to laugh when I saw the movie but the sad part of this is that some games DO take over people's…

Time to include an Amusement Park visit for next holiday

I was not expecting that I today would be sitting and thinking about the next holiday for me and the kids but I just did that right now. We have been to a few amusement parks in Germany and Denmark before and the kids love it. So when I saw the Amusement Parks in Blackpool, Britain then I got ideas. I checked their site and was impressed. They got a lot of riders and attractions (more than 125) and shows.…